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The agency that transforms leading organizations all over the world to shape the future of work.

Since 2004, we partner with top leaders in their industries to disrupt organizational cultures and achieve high impact, at accelerating speed.

We drive professionals, executives, businesses and consumers to a better future than they could have ever imagined.


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Impact and Future.
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We transform this multinational company that impacts 2.5 billion consumers every day across 3 continents and more than 13 sectors.​


Together with Adevinta, we created PEAK®, the way the world’s largest digital classifieds marketplace works.


Faster is reinventing itself to respond to the challenges the future of work poses to us


ActioGlobal revolutionizes the traditional face-to-face and single-channel business model in the insurance sector to attract the new digital clientele.


The future of work.
Already put into practice

Change of cultures in leading enterprises with Radical Candor

ActioGlobal brings together Netflix, Unilever, Adevinta and Danone to make cultural change happen by Radical Candor.

Agile Bootcamp

The Leadership of the Future Powered by HR

Digital Transformation in the Pharma Sector

We shape the future of work by removing the disconnection between offline and online and building an omnichannel and phygital enterprise without silos.

ExO Bootcamp

Exponential Organization Bootcamp

FAST Innovation

FAST® is the innovation model developed by ActioGlobal® to drive the top organizations on the planet.


The model for effective meetings in hybrid and remote environments.


We do not have clients.
We have fans.

Jerome du Chaffaut

CEO Unilever Spain
“Thanks to the LEAD methodology and ActioGlobal’s support, we have been able to bring about a radical culture change in our company in just a few months. Silos, wasted hours in discussions and politics disappear in favor of focus, speed and transparency with only one goal: value creation. Thank you for your ability to attune to our company and your pragmatism!”

Jerome du Chaffaut
CEO Unilever Spain

Gianpaolo Santorsola

Executive Vice President Adevinta
“At the beginning. we were just a few teams in Spain using PEAK®. Then, supported by the ActioGlobal team, we applied it all over Spain, and later we added Global Markets, which are about 10 more countries. When more than 30% of Adevinta were using PEAK®, the rest started to say: “Hey, perhaps we also should work like this”. This was when I realized that, unintentionally, we were role-modeling with our way of working PEAK® and the transformation we started in Barcelona was pollinating at group level. And it´s amazing that it isn’t being driven top-down, but it’s being propelled by the teams, with their results, and with the aspiration of all our organizations to join this way of working. That’s what I call remarkable.”

Gianpaolo Santorsola
Executive Vice President Adevinta


Paolo Maria Tafuri

COO Danone EDP Africa
“ActioGlobal’s four axes of PEAK® have helped us focus on how we can be more agile, how we can adapt more quickly to our consumer’s needs, how we can be more efficient to make more collaborative decisions focused on results, i.e., they help us prioritize, collaborate, execute and learn – together.”

Paolo Maria Tafuri
COO Danone EDP Africa

Olga Insua

General Manager de Angelini Pharma España
“ActioGlobal has been a vital partner in defining the new way of working at Angelini Farmaceutica. As a company, we are on a transformational journey where the structured guidance, challenges and encouragement provided by ActioGlobal at all levels of the organization have made a positive impact on motivation and the desire to be part of the change. Thank you!”

Olga Insua
General Manager de Angelini Pharma España


Business Model and Value Proposition


Digitalization and Integration of Technologies


Strategy and System of Objectives OKR


Building Agile Teams


Building an Agile Business System


Development of High-Performing Talents


Leadership Development


Sales Growth


Innovation and Kaizen


Exponential Organizations


We invent the future by making it happen

New Work

Agile Hybrid Work

The Toyota Way

X Leadership Principles


We merge the best of all methods to achieve superior results.










Toyota Way


Radical Candor


Far more than
just a transformation agency for Agile.

Agile methodologies enable you to maximize value for users, clients, and customers by building self-organizing teams with motivated and highly engaged staff who always find a better way to do things.

Agile enables the development of an organization’s capability to satisfy its customers through early and continuous delivery of products, services or software with value.

Agile transformation is an organizational evolution, driven by learning systems and ways of working that aims to create the capabilities needed to continuously deliver superior value to users, customers and consumers.

During an agile transformation, we develop organizations as living, self-organized organisms that adapt to the evolutionary purpose for which they exist and survive. At ActioGlobal, we have learned to guide this evolution towards agility through 5 iterative waves that generate individual and collective learning: Discovery, Ignition, Upskilling, Drumbeat and Growth.

By taking a radically different way, of doing things, ActioGlobal® has demonstrated that there is an alternative to Agile transformation programs that waste time and money for companies in all industries.

The results of ActioGlobal® are not mere promises. The Agile transformations facilitated by the ActioGlobal® team are backed by the outcomes and experiences of business leaders all around the world.

As digitalization and exponential technologies are changing the world, companies are struggling to create effective ways of working for this era of constant and accelerating change. The same goes for those who help other companies: consulting firms. Most are slow, expensive and often deliver sub-par results.

That's why we have created a new kind of consulting, ActioGlobal®, an agile transformation agency that integrates the talents of world-class leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, economists, creatives, strategists and analysts to challenge the traditional consulting model.

ActioGlobal® has demonstrated, through a radically different approach, that there is an alternative to traditional agile transformation programs that waste time and money for companies in all industries.

ActioGlobal®'s results are not mere promises. The agile transformations delivered by the ActioGlobal® team are based on the results and experiences of leaders from all around the world. The changes through our agile transformation agency lead to improved key business outcomes: business growth, acceleration of sales and digital channel transformation, user, consumer and customer satisfaction, increased innovation speed and effectiveness, increased talent engagement, radical reduction of carbon footprint and gender inequality.

We have achieved all of these results by developing recognized ways of working that have boosted both results and talent in more than 180 organizations across 32 countries and 24 sectors.

These ways of working integrate best practices based on the principles of Agile, OKR, Lean, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Exponential Organizations andmany other methods that have been developed by ActioGlobal® over almost two decades.

And during this time we have learned to understand our customers and what they value so much about us:

Our clients value
that we help them create events and are
no bystanders at all.

Our clients value
that we always help them create the future,
while the others report KPIs from the past.

Our customers value
that we help them work like a start-up, while their
competitors operate like dinosaurs.

Our customers value
that we help them do in a week what they used to
do in a month.

Our clients value
that we help them focus on impact, on their customers,
while everyone else is busy doing a lot of other stuff.

Our clients value
that we turn their customers into their bosses and
their leadership into mentors for their talent.

Our clients value
that we help them shape the new and reimagine the
established - not just with experience or art, or science,
or logic or common sense. But with all of them in one fell swoop.

Our customers value
that we never try to solve tomorrow's problems
with yesterday's solutions.

Our customers value
partnering with us.
We also value partnering with them.
We are ActioGlobal®.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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