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  • In ActioGlobal, I have found a true ally in our efforts to transform the way we operate in 12 different countries; ActioGlobal has guided us in how to structure ourselves, supported us in the implementation and is accompanying us in the greatest challenge we have ever faced.
    Ovidiu Solomonov
    Senior Vice President of Global Markets and New Models, Adevinta
  • In just a few months, we have been able to bring about a radical cultural transformation in our company thanks to the LEAD methodology and the guidance of ActioGlobal. Silos, hours of discussions and politics disappear in favour of focus, speed and transparency for a major benefit: creating value. Thank you very much for your ability to adapt to our company and your pragmatism.
    Jerome du Chaffaut
    General Manager, Unilever
  • ActioGlobal has been a vital partner in defining the new way of working at Angelini Farmaceutica. As a company we are undergoing a transformation journey, the structured guidance, challenges, and encouragement provided by ActioGlobal at all the levels of the organization has resulted in a positive impact on motivation and a hunger to be part of the change! Thank you!
    Olga Insua
    Country Manager, Angelini Pharma
  • I can honestly disclose, due to 20 years of leadership in digital companies, that I haven't ever been so effective like in these days while I am using the PEAK framework and the support of ActioGlobal. Moving the needle for real creating value at every Gemba, doing it in the fastest way possible, with a broad consensus from the people who are working with me... well, this is a real luxury!
    Giuseppe Pasceri
    CEO, Subito
  • Through the implementation of PEAK, ActioGlobal has had the key part in this new phase of Segundamano to transform into a true High-Performance Organization, aligning the objectives of the teams with those of the organization, creating self-organized teams with increased responsibility and achieving the agility necessary to respond to the needs of our customers and users. For me as the CEO it´s highly valuable to be in weekly contact with each team, to see their progress and to be able to help them solve obstacles.
    Ariel Eduardo Cilento
    CEO, Segundamano
  • Kendu has always been a company in continuous development but for that big jump in our growth the collaboration with ActioGlobal is crucial. We have been surprised by their ability to understand the company´s reality and to look for ways to make an impact from the first moment, instead of spending months in projects until the results are seen, as other consulting firms do.
    Álvaro Cabrera
    CEO, Kendu
  • Since we started collaborating with ActioGlobal I have experienced a transformation as profound as I've never seen before in my career at Adevinta and Schibsted. Within a few quarters an alignment and a clarity have already been created that would have been impossible to accomplish without the experience and commitment of the ActioGlobal team. I consider myself privileged to witness and actively participate in this transformation. In addition to learning a boatload from highly competent people, I am helping my company to be much more effective in achieving results. I recommend ActioGlobal to any company that aims to increase their impact and success in business.
    Sergio Visinoni
    VP of Product and Engineering for Global Markets and New Models, Board Member of Willhaben GmbH & Co KG, Adevinta
  • Our organization has grown from 12 to over 100 people in the last 6 years. To maintain our ability to be proactive and adapt to the market with our products, we tried different structures and processes to plan, execute and evaluate our performance, but we did not find the solution until we started working together with ActioGlobal to establish PEAK in Hungary. PEAK is a perfectly crafted cultural development model that can be adapted to any organization and helps achieve extraordinary results. PEAK makes it possible for all teams to work together, but at the same time innovate in a self-organized way, to achieve the company's goals. Working together effectively is the only way to survive and grow even more, especially today when all things have changed! PEAK is the perfect tool you need for your organization!
    Géza Palocsay
    General Manager, Jófogás
  • We decided to partner with ActioGlobal on the great challenge of changing the way we work. Today, after several months of intense work, I am very proud to see how this new cultural system has managed to bring together and give a logical shape to all the initiatives we were carrying out. We've changed our mindset from outputs to outcomes, using OKR, and other Agile methodologies within the outstanding ActioGlobal`s PEAK framework.
    Juan Elías
    Director General, Yapo
  • After many years of working in different sectors and environments, it is reassuring when you can always count on the help and support of a reference in the Lean environment like ActioGlobal with their clear approach to concepts and result orientation.
    Jordi Roselló
    Managing Director, Comsan
  • ActioGlobal has been very successful in introducing a methodology that allows us to order, align and measure the progress of business in an organization as complex as ours with nearly 100 multidisciplinary teams. This is especially difficult in an organization that is not only a matrix, but at least comprises four different businesses in the same organization. In this environment, managing a cross-sectional area like the one I manage, which has dependencies with many vertical areas, raised significant issues. On the one hand, the product teams often forgot to incorporate the commercial input and, on the other hand, the commercial teams had dependencies on other teams in the company and it was difficult for them to get considered within the tasks to be developed by the other teams. Working in the PEAK framework, planning quarterly based on the fulfilment of some objectives and KRs involving previous work on communication between teams to definitely reach handshakes. It is also indispensible since the the multidisciplinary teams have to incorporate sales people if the fulfilment of KRs requires it. Applying this methodology allowed to solve the above mentioned problems to a considerable extent. No less essential has been the role of this methodology during such a special time as the pandemic when teams are have been working from home. I believe PEAK has been the key that has allowed the machinery to keep going.
    David Manchón Mauri
    Director General Comercial, Adevinta
  • In a process of transformation and business improvement as we are immersed at Phs Serkonten, it has been essential that ActioGlobal has helped us implement new organizational processes and self-organized multidisciplinary teams. Their approach and tools for continuous improvement and their philosophy of empowering organizations to change from within has been paramount. A pleasure to have them as partners in our transformation!
    David de la Torre
    Managing Director, PHS Serkonten
  • Our organization, a centennial PHARMA, has changed. It seemed impossible a year and a half ago. Advised and guided by ActioGlobal, we have adopted the new system of an Agile High-Performance Organization that favors innovation and adaptation to the market. ActioGlobal began by convincing each person of the WHY, increasing the need for change as a necessary catalyst for the success of the process. ActioGlobal has led smoothly, adapting the model to each stage of the process. In the TOP-DOWN, their strategic vision and ability to understand the requirements of the Leadership Team have been fundamental for the involvement of the management to culminate the adoption of the new model by 100% of the company, including those functions, such as sales, where changes are more daring to implement.
    Eduard Sabat
    Director Business Unit Consumer Healthcare, Angelini Pharma
  • We needed to make a significant change in leadership capabilities at Danone and collaborating with ActioGlobal was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Their ability to understand our needs, our corporate culture and context, along with their determination to deliver a tailored solution, has been cruial to delivering a solid and sustainable result. At ActioGlobal, they understand culture as a key part of strategy, and empower people to evolve and learn high performance methodologies that will enable them to achieve sustainable results. Working with them has challenged us to find better solutions and has raised the standard of what we expect from our partners. No doubt, they are a guarantor of success for any project.
    Arantxa García
    South Europe Transformation Manager, Danone
  • The transformation of the processes, in the people and in the organization of Hispanofil, besides developing our staff and strengthening us as a team, has improved the confidence of the customers in our company. All this is enabling us to overcome the crisis caused by Covid-19 faster and with better results than our competitors. Thank you ActioGlobal, now we are AGILISTS!
    Alberto Martínez Cuevas
    Managin Director, Hispanofil
  • Working with ActioGlobal has been a turning point and a qualitative advancement in the culture of our staff. Not only because they have imparted technical knowledge to us but also "ways of doing" and "ways of thinking" of proven effectiveness.
    Roberto Aristi
    General Manager, EDSCHA SPAIN & MEXICO (Gestamp)


A company is formed by different factors that are interrelated and feedback on each other. We develop and align these factors by creating synergies, focusing on people and working on each organizational structure in a holistic way.
We use the principles and philosophies of High-Performance Management that are most appropriate to the context, culture, objectives and sector of each organization. Among them are:


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