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ActioGlobal® launches its own venture capital, Actio.Ventures®, to encourage entrepreneurs all around the world

What is Actio.Ventures®?

Actio.Ventures® is a Venture Capital that engages in the development of startups in their pre-seed, seed and early stage.

The starting point for these start-ups can be:


ActioGlobal® team initiatives with A. V. acting as Venture Builder


new strategic projects of clients who want to rely on the knowledge of ActioGlobal® and the positioning in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Actio.Ventures® to be developed (through Joint Ventures, Open Innovation or Corporate Venture Builder)


third party projects that consider Actio.Ventures® as a partner with the necessary expertise and authority to accelerate and promote their project

The Portfolio of Actio.Ventures®

With the launch of Actio.Ventures, startups such as Nootric, Quixotic360 and Campo Grande have already joined its portfolio. Nootric, founded by Carlos Pitcher, is an app that offers a personalized service in nutrition and healthy living based on the monitoring of your daily diet through coaching with the best nutritionists. Quixotic360 is led by Omar Sequera. It´s a SaaS with the mission to support the scaling of new energy marketers through a specialized platform with end-to-end automation.  Campo Grande, led by Kurt Oriol, brings Spanish food products based on a culture of sustainability and health to U.S. consumers. In this case, Actio.Ventures is helping the company position itself at the intersection of large digital marketplaces and those that specialize in artisanal foods. 

Healthy living with true nutritionists.
Nootric is the startup powered by Actio.Ventures that provides the best personalized service in nutrition and healthy living. The first app that allows you to manage your daily diet through coaching with the best nutritionists to achieve your goals, learn how to keep a healthy diet and gain wellness, health and energy to master your challenges.


Carlos Picher
Founder and CEO of Nootric.os

“Actio.Ventures is driving Nootric to make healthy living possible for more people, in more places around the world, and much faster. At a key point in our expansion, Actio.Ventures is not only an investor, but also the impetus to realize our shared goal of exponential growth through technology. Together, we are rewriting the rules of personal care and creating a better future for current and future generations.”

Campo Grande

Kurt Oriol
CEO of Campogrande
“Actio.Ventures powers Campo Grande in its mission to shape a food culture based on three pillars: Sustainability, Health and Amazing Food. With only brief communications, Actio.Ventures was able to understand our core business model precisely and assume the role of an investor, which will bring many great synergies as we expand our DTC platform to American foods consumers about ethnic food products. We look forward to expanding the Total Addressable Market of Spanish food goods in the US as well as open communication around cultural differences and bring people together with the power of food.
The finest foods of Spain delivered to your doorstep
Campo Grande's mission is to bring a culture of sustainability, health and unique food to US consumers. Offering designed tailored specifically for consumers in the United States of America.
We automatize the retailer-distributor communication.
Quixotic360 is led by Omar Sequera and is a SaaS with the mission to help of new energy marketers scale up through a specialized platform, with end-to-end automation. QUIXOTIC360 is located in the white space between generic platforms of large multinationals, obsolete legacy solutions and custom developments, with high development time.


Omar Sequera
Co-founder QUIXOTIC 360
“Actio.Ventures has empowered QUIXOTIC 360 to help the new energy sector to scale thanks to process automation. Their support has enabled us to streamline our mission, promoting a key moment for us and highlighting the importance of our multi-cloud solution for energy marketers in Europe.”

Actio.Ventures® was also founded to promote intra-entrepreneurship

In addition to accelerating external projects, Actio.Ventures also focuses on fostering intrapreneurship. For this reason, it will also operate as an accelerator of projects promoted by members of its team. Some examples are Actio.Haus with the objective of becoming a venue for acceleration and incubation of startups and technological disruption projects; Gembawall, an OKR-based tool that guides companies in translating strategy both into execution and systemic innovation, its prototype version already applied by large companies such as Unilever, Adevinta, Bolton, Chiesi or Angelini; Actio. Design, a platform that brings the methods used by ActioGlobal in enterprises closer to any user, or Inn-Be striving for excellence in education by integrating ActioGlobal’s methods of innovation, learning and collaboration used in leading companies into schools and universities.

As venture builder of the projects emerging from the ActioGlobal® team, Actio.Ventures® is currently committed to investing in and developing Actio.Design, Inn-Be, GembaWall® and Actio.Haus. The latter project strives to become a venue for acceleration and incubation of startups and technological disruption projects, providing infrastructure, community, knowledge and mentoring for their growth.

Actio.Ventures is also developing GembaWall®, a tool that integrates OKR, Agile and Lean Startup to translate strategy both into execution and systemic innovation, which in its MVP version is already applied by large companies such as Unilever, Danone, Adevinta, Angelini, Bolton Food, Bancolombia Panama in more than 30 different countries.

Actio.Ventures thus takes on the role of a catalyst for entrepreneurial activity, both internally and externally, leveraging its experience in transforming exponentially growing companies and organizations, as well as its knowledge of the future of work, New Work and digital technologies.

Why Actio.Ventures®?

ActioGlobal® founded Actio.Ventures® driven by the belief that in today’s world, entrepreneurship and leadership are the most powerful force to change the world.

According to the Actio.Ventures® team’s own words, the new VC pursues the following objectives:
1. Accelerate projects with people and companies we believe in, working hand in hand with founders, leaders and investors with whom we make a positive impact.

2. Be close to the startups to continue to create disruption within large companies, revolutionizing their way of thinking, experimenting and making an impact at high speed, always focusing on the customer, the user, the consumer and society.

3. Help the startups in which we invest to develop ways of working and cultures enabling them to grow sustainably in order to make a significant impact.

4. Investing in projects, inside and outside the large corporation, that redefine the established norms of sectors and industries, that disrupt traditional ways of thinking and working to the benefit of all, creating solutions that have not existed before or were in place without having a positive impact.

5. Expedite ideas and initiatives that emerge from the creativity of the ActioGlobal team and that respond to needs identified in their daily interaction with leaders of top organizations all around the world.

What is the Actio.Ventures® portfolio for?

The answer goes beyond the question of why these first startups make up the initial Actio.Ventures® portfolio. The startups and projects in which we have invested and will continue to invest are guided by an investment manual defined by 10 core beliefs:


Positive impact on society

At Actio.Ventures® we invest in those who share what we believe in, with whom we share transformative missions that will have a sustainable impact on society.


Making the impossible happen

We work with those who look ahead, who look further than most others, who think and act beyond the present, and who do the difficult thing when others think “it’s too complicated.”


Passion for the customer

We value founders who look customers in the eye while everyone else is only looking at themselves.


Focus, speed and impact

We drive startups that make things happen in a week instead of a month. Those who believe that focus, speed and impact are not mutually exclusive, but rather feed into a virtuous cycle of exponential growth.


Narrative, yes, but in terms of execution

We encourage those who do more than just talk. We bring in those who prefer talking through their work and who don’t tell us stories, but rather report on actions, learning and positive impact.


Zero smoke

We put our trust in those who spend more time with their teams and their customers than hosting conferences fueled by the corporate bubble show.


Focus on rounds, but of iteration

We believe in those who don’t start with financing rounds in mind, but instead present value for customers as quickly as possible, to learn with them and iterate faster than the rest.


Your medals: in the trash!

We reinforce those who never look down on others; those who throw away their trophies at the end of the day and start from scratch the next morning.


Metrics, not powerpoints

We make grow those who do not simply use metrics to fill Powerpoints, but to better understand what needs to be improved, and who start each day with what the previous day taught them.


New questions

We built Actio.Ventures® to empower those who ask questions that have never been asked before, and who seek to solve tomorrow’s problems not just by expertise, or art, or science, or logic, or technology, or talent. But with all of them in one fell swoop.

We are Actio.Ventures®

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