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How was your partnership with ActioGlobal?

In ActioGlobal, I have found a true ally in our efforts to transform the way we operate in 12 different countries; ActioGlobal has guided us in how to structure ourselves, supported us in the implementation and is accompanying us in the greatest challenge we have ever faced.
Ovidiu Solomonov
Senior Vice President of Global Markets and New Models, Adevinta

ActioGlobal has been very successful in introducing a methodology that allows us to order, align and measure the progress of business in an organization as complex as ours with nearly 100 multidisciplinary teams. This is especially difficult in an organization that is not only a matrix, but at least comprises four different businesses in the same organization. In this environment, managing a cross-sectional area like the one I manage, which has dependencies with many vertical areas, raised significant issues. On the one hand, the product teams often forgot to incorporate the commercial input and, on the other hand, the commercial teams had dependencies on other teams in the company and it was difficult for them to get considered within the tasks to be developed by the other teams. Working in the PEAK framework, planning quarterly based on the fulfilment of some objectives and KRs involving previous work on communication between teams to definitely reach handshakes. It is also indispensible since the the multidisciplinary teams have to incorporate sales people if the fulfilment of KRs requires it. Applying this methodology allowed to solve the above mentioned problems to a considerable extent. No less essential has been the role of this methodology during such a special time as the pandemic when teams are have been working from home. I believe PEAK has been the key that has allowed the machinery to keep going.
David Manchón Mauri
Sales Director, Adevinta

We needed to make a significant change in leadership capabilities at Danone and collaborating with ActioGlobal was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Their ability to understand our needs, our corporate culture and context, along with their determination to deliver a tailored solution, has been cruial to delivering a solid and sustainable result. At ActioGlobal, they understand culture as a key part of strategy, and empower people to evolve and learn high performance methodologies that will enable them to achieve sustainable results. Working with them has challenged us to find better solutions and has raised the standard of what we expect from our partners. No doubt, they are a guarantor of success for any project.
Laure Burtin
R&I Director South Europe, Danone

After many years of working in different sectors and environments, it is reassuring when you can always count on the help and support of a reference in the Lean environment like ActioGlobal with their clear approach to concepts and result orientation.
Jordi Roselló
Managing Director, Comsan
Thanks to PEAK, the team members have a comprehensive view of the organization and the processes that have an impact on the customer. We develop a shared customer-centric vision and make the appropriate decisions for achieving the objectives set.
Jordi Rivera
With ActioGlobal we managed to accomplish a complete cultural change, through Lean, which has allowed us to share objectives, improve results and exceed our goals. Thanks to this transformation, we grew together as a team and each of us has developed professionally and personally. Today, at Medgon, we are happier on the job.
Estíbaliz González
CEO, Medgon
Our experience with the social support plan that we have carried out with ActioGlobal has been very positive. Beyond the tools and methodologies used, the professional and human treatment by the team that has guided the process has been the real distinguishing element to achieve success. Dismissing employees from the company is never easy, so it is key to select a good partner to advise and support you properly in this "exit". ActioGlobal has helped us to ensure that the different profiles have the necessary skills to achieve maximum employability in the current environment. In a situation as complicated as the one we had, we have achieved successful results.
Débora Molina
Director Human Resources
Corporación Cervino
The great professionals of ActioGlobal have given us the possibility of transforming our start-up into an Agile High-Performance Organization capable of responding to the changing environment. After an immersion into what exponential organizations are, we have "suffered" a change of mentality and vision that is helping us to develop objectives and execute the next steps to achieve them. We are really grateful!
Tania Fernandez Navarro
Co-founder, Criogene

Undoubtedly, the OKR system is leading us to a process of evolution and change as a team. From the experience of having been working with the system for some time now, I would say that it is essential to understand it, and above all to live it, as a progressing process. In our case, especially in the beginning, it was a major challenge: disrupting mindsets, setting new rhythms, creating a different kind of conversations... It is a process that requires meshing, adjusting, aligning, internalizing and learning (something very exciting, by the way). It is a journey that is taking us as a team to a new place. It is getting us much more team focused, promoting the common purpose and vision of the whole. Something that I believe is fundamental for any HR team: having a global vision of the business and the organization.
Marta Martínez Anaya
HR BP Manager, Idneo
Thanks to LEAD, we have achieved results that we had never even considered before. LEAD has helped us orient multidisciplinary teams towards the same ambitious goal, which is big, stimulating and has an impact on our consumers. LEAD has allowed these multidisciplinary teams to self-organize week after week, making the key actions to achieve this ambitious goal happen. Whenever there have been obstacles that could not be managed by the team, we have asked for help from the Sherpas, who have given the teams a response in record time and in a way that is remarkable for an organization of our size. Thinking big, greater focus and impact, flexibility, speed, self-management and growth are some examples of what LEAD and ActioGlobal have given us.
Daniel Utrillas
Head of Digital eCommerce B2C, Unilever
In just a few months, we have been able to bring about a radical cultural transformation in our company thanks to the LEAD methodology and the guidance of ActioGlobal. Silos, hours of discussions and politics disappear in favour of focus, speed and transparency for a major benefit: creating value. Thank you very much for your ability to adapt to our company and your pragmatism.
Jerome du Chaffaut
General Manager, Unilever
We needed to make a significant change in leadership capabilities at Danone and collaborating with ActioGlobal was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Their ability to understand our needs, our corporate culture and context, along with their determination to deliver a tailored solution, has been cruial to delivering a solid and sustainable result. At ActioGlobal, they understand culture as a key part of strategy, and empower people to evolve and learn high performance methodologies that will enable them to achieve sustainable results. Working with them has challenged us to find better solutions and has raised the standard of what we expect from our partners. No doubt, they are a guarantor of success for any project.
Arantxa García
South Europe Transformation Manager, Danone

Mental opposition to change prevents teams from unleashing their full potential. However, thanks to the change of mindset and methodology we developed through ActioGlobal, we have improved our alignment and focus on sales teams, achieving progress with positive energy in any work environment.
Ana Rebollo
Director Domestic Sales, Unilever
RESET has helped us to streamline both our personal as well as the team's agendas, as it has 'forced' us to stop and analyze our day-to-day, making us think about which forums and ways of interacting are most meaningful to us. This has helped us simplify as well as optimize our work and empower the team to pull in the same direction and focus on what is most relevant to have a deceisive impact on the business.
Alexander Ritter
Head of Supply Chain Spain & eCommerce Europe, Unilever
In today's dynamic and complex environment, the Agile Challenge Program has taught us how to manage projects much more efficiently. Working in different teams with colleagues from different areas and departments has made us realize how important it is to be responsive to change, to put people at the center and to provide added value to the customer, which sets the foundation for project delivery. All of this, combined with a personal development program, has empowered us to tackle the challenges we will face on our career path in an agile way.
Josep Ramon Guinovart Solé
Planning and Procurement Officer, BASF
Kendu has always been a company in continuous development but for that big jump in our growth the collaboration with ActioGlobal is crucial. We have been surprised by their ability to understand the company´s reality and to look for ways to make an impact from the first moment, instead of spending months in projects until the results are seen, as other consulting firms do.
Álvaro Cabrera
CEO, Kendu
We are a traditional company and change has always cost us a lot. For us, learning Agile imparted by ActioGlobal has meant an enormous change in mentality. The methodology, the metrics, the self-organising teams, the Drumbeat, the consistency ... it´s the total package that brings our organisation forward with a view to master the future in an environment of exponential change.
Jordi Anglí
CEO, ANSA Holding
For me, RESET has been another step in empowering the team and at the same time achieving more frequent communication while reducing the number of meetings on the agenda. We have reduced attendance at meetings but added a 10-minute daily that aligns us.
Eva Cilleros
Head of Customer Service, Unilever

Thanks to the design and implementation of both the system of objectives and of decision making done together with the ActioGlobal team, our company has been able to start its important growth. Today, the people are more motivated, the teams develop continuously and the different business units focus on providing value to customers, which undoubtedly guarantees the sustainability of the Mecacontrol Group.
Ignacio Alvarez
CEO, Grupo Mecacontrol

The experience with ActioGlobal has been the trigger that made the whole organization change its way of thinking and working, and has allowed us to develop new projects with the human capabilities unleashed after the optimization process carried out together.
Iago Méndez
Supply Chain Director, AB-Biotis
The world of Agile, OKRs and remote collaboration is very wide and complex, with many theories, easy to disseminate but difficult to apply. ActioGlobal has provided me with tools to transfer the methodology of the OKRs into practice and to enhance the application of the theory. Very comprenhensible and highly recommended!
Montse Dinarès
Finance Director, Grupo Montcau
My experience with ActioGlobal has been positive from the first minute. I have been fortunate to have an excellent professional of ActioGlobal as a reference contact, who introduced me to the selection process, telling me all the details with great lifeblood. I have felt supported at all times, from the first interview until after I was hired by my new company. You can tell that for ActioGlobal the human factor is vital. Thank you very much for everything ActioGlobal!
Eduard Cors
Digital Medicines Specialist, Angelini Pharma
For DAS, PEAK has not only meant a new way of working according to an agile methodology, but it is also gradually permeating our corporate culture. I believe that it is just as important for an organization to ensure its ""business as usual"" as it is to provide the necessary resources to work in project mode for the future. During the last year, I have had the opportunity to participate both as a group leader and as a team member, and this has allowed me to experience PEAK from different angles, but as a common denominator I´d highlight values such as teamwork, results orientation and a global/transversal vision, all with the ultimate objective of creating value for our customers and getting better every day.
Sonia Manjarrés
Head of Performance and Operations Management, DAS
ActioGlobal has been a vital partner in defining the new way of working at Angelini Farmaceutica. As a company we are undergoing a transformation journey, the structured guidance, challenges, and encouragement provided by ActioGlobal at all the levels of the organization has resulted in a positive impact on motivation and a hunger to be part of the change! Thank you!
Olga Insua
Country Manager, Angelini Pharma
Now I know that through Agile, we can put the customer at the centre of our mission and organize ourselves in a different, totally cross-functional way. This allows us to accelerater, be more innovative and not get lost in actions that do not make sense to the end consumer.
Cecile Hesse
HR Director, Danone
Thanks to ActioGlobal and the quarterly Drumbeat, the rhythm we follow, this new mindset, this new culture of unity towards achieving objectives, has permeated the entire organization. Today, working at Faster is no longer like working at any other company in our industry. Being part of Faster means being part of a high performing team and acquiring a unique know-how that no other competing company can currently offer.
Santiago San Martín Mazzucconi
Executive Director, Faster
Our organization, a centennial PHARMA, has changed. It seemed impossible a year and a half ago. Advised and guided by ActioGlobal, we have adopted the new system of an Agile High-Performance Organization that favors innovation and adaptation to the market. ActioGlobal began by convincing each person of the WHY, increasing the need for change as a necessary catalyst for the success of the process. ActioGlobal has led smoothly, adapting the model to each stage of the process. In the TOP-DOWN, their strategic vision and ability to understand the requirements of the Leadership Team have been fundamental for the involvement of the management to culminate the adoption of the new model by 100% of the company, including those functions, such as sales, where changes are more daring to implement.
Eduard Sabat
Director Business Unit Consumer Healthcare, Angelini Pharma
I can honestly disclose, due to 20 years of leadership in digital companies, that I haven't ever been so effective like in these days while I am using the PEAK framework and the support of ActioGlobal. Moving the needle for real creating value at every Gemba, doing it in the fastest way possible, with a broad consensus from the people who are working with me... well, this is a real luxury!
Giuseppe Pasceri
CEO, Subito
The collaboration with ActioGlobal has brought a profound change for our company and all our colleagues. ActioGlobal has helped us to master the different challenges we were facing. Thanks to the radical prioritization of our objectives, we have focused our activities not on the task but on its impact. The organization has done an exceptional job of aligning around common business objectives and working in concert, which has powered us to maximize our agility and efficiency. A great move that has allowed Orloga to grow exponentially to double our revenue.
Pablo Amunarriz
Director Orloga
In recent years, we have lived in a very volatile environment that poses constant challenges to society and all types of companies. At Angelini, we are facing this new scenario by developing new initiatives that place the patients at the center, so that we can respond to their needs. In this context, innovation is fundamental for us, and we are firmly committed to integrating this competence into our DNA. FAST has helped us test new ideas, and it has given us a great awareness of what our patients need. It has enabled us to be more flexible in our decision-making and to offer greater value to the market.
Xavier Prats
Iberia CFR Training Manager
Angelini Pharma
Since we started collaborating with ActioGlobal I have experienced a transformation as profound as I've never seen before in my career at Adevinta and Schibsted. Within a few quarters an alignment and a clarity have already been created that would have been impossible to accomplish without the experience and commitment of the ActioGlobal team. I consider myself privileged to witness and actively participate in this transformation. In addition to learning a boatload from highly competent people, I am helping my company to be much more effective in achieving results. I recommend ActioGlobal to any company that aims to increase their impact and success in business.
Sergio Visinoni
VP of Product and Engineering for Global Markets and New Models, Adevinta & Board Member of Willhaben GmbH & Co KG
The biggest challenge we have faced in recent years has been to achieve extraordinary performance and quality goals, industrializing them in an exceptional period of time and with a team of mainly young, inexperienced members. We would not have been able to meet this challenge without the new High-Performance Management Model we implemented. One year later we are proud of the work done. Thank you ActioGlobal for helping us to lay the foundation of this great work."
Alejandro Castilla
Technical Director, Vice President Deutz Business School, DEUTZ Spain
For me, the PLAY experience made me recogmize that I really contribute VALUE with my work. Seeing how every week, together with my squad, I have an impact on an objective aligned with the company makes my work much more meaningful. You have a clear focus on what is really important, achieve real impact and do´t get lost in doing for the sake of doing. In addition, with the sprints that are made within the squad, innovation is promoted by iterating among all of us and corrective actions are taken every week. In short, I think that PLAY, together with ActioGlobal, has been an ideal way to work, because it is the squad that takes the reins of the objectives, we are the real responsible for our business area and we see how we impact on our objectives.
Emilio Hita
Key Account,
Angelini Pharma España
Since we implemented the LEAD program at Unilever, priorities are much better aligned with objectives that are clear and consistent across all levels. We have gained agility by putting business, action and content above form (from long PowerPoint presentations with unclear actions to a weekly "glidepath" in Excel that not only covers everything important, but also divides it into " stages," quantifies and quickly highlights risks and opportunities). We have learned to work efficiently within departments, to break down silos and compartmentalization, and to ensure that the objective is the outcome, not how it is achieved.
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-03 at 9.37
Beatriz Cifuentes
Strategy Project Manager, Unilever
The PEAK methodology has allowed us, on the one hand, to align the teams' priorities with the company's objectives, ensuring a single, consensus-based vision by all participants. On the other hand, weekly monitoring of progress has enabled us to be much more agile in decision making and to resolve obstacles quickly or pivot towards new ideas within a short period of time.
Patricio Ilyef
Head of Organization and IT,
RESET has been a key tool to maximize the efficiency of our agendas, creating the necessary space for us to focus on priorities. The implementation of RESET has allowed us to identify those meetings and events in our daily work that are essential to achieve our objectives, relying on the team feedback sessions and guidelines of the method, Applying this methodology has been key to operate more efficiently and put the necessary focus on those activities that really add value and generate a positive impact on the company.
Anna Clerigues
Demand Planning Manager, Unilever


How was your partnership with ActioGlobal?

ActioGlobal's professionals form a perfectly coordinated and exemplary team that accompanies you in the process of change, from questioning your business model to providing the tools for adapting your project to the paradigm shift and turn it into an exponential organization. Beyond the teaching of a methodology, their training program means an immersion skilfully modifying our way of thinking. Very useful for new entrepreneurs; indispensable for consolidated projects.
Beatriz Zapico
CEO, Estrategia Exterior
At Angelini we are learning and growing exponentially by each of the iterations we´re doing in our digital transformation we call PLAY. Not everything is feasible when we talk about digitization and ActioGlobal knows how to make things happen. Thanks to our partner we are going throuh a real evolution, a real cultural transformation. A change of mindset based on Agile principles and truly effective digital tools; and all is accompanied by the greatest humanity and sense of humor.
Ana Villaverde
HR Director, Angelini Pharma

ActioGlobal first guided us through an implementation of Lean, which helped us stop hiding problems and start looking for continuous improvements. From that point on, ActioGlobal supported us progressively to move towards an Agile organizational structure, which helped us unite the team, get closer to the customer and, above all, learn and iterate continuously to incorporate improvements in our service.
Consol Casablanca
Global Client Services Director, Welocalize
We are a 100% digital company. Agility was a must for us, a strategic business imperative to increase proximity to user and customer needs quickly. In order to scale up quickly, we turned decision making upside down, it was not the “bosses” any longer who made the decisions but rather the people who are really at the front line of advocating for users’ and customers’ needs, i. e., the teams. With PEAK®, we have been able to innovate. Innovate with speed, innovate with speed at scale.
Gianpaolo Santorsola
Executive Vice President , Adevinta
This was the first project in which we have applied LEAN. ActioGlobal's support has been essential, since no one in our team had LEAN knowledge to use the appropriate resources and achieve the maximum value for the patients. The training sessions have been very practical and we have been able to apply the "theory" and practice in a parallel, agile and very entertaining way. This project has caused a spectacular motivation in our team and in our professionals. Thank you ActioGlobal, for your dedication, involvement, accessibility and empathy with people.
Dra. Ana Álvarez Díaz
Head of the Pharmacy Service. Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, Madrid
I must say that PEAK Agile has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me. In my +20 years of experience in Supply in world class companies (P&G, TetraPak, Mondelez) with a strong background in Lean Manufacturing (in all its versions), I have never imagined that a pragmatic, streamlined and simplified version of objective management and integration methodologies could have such a positive effect in the short term. Well, I must admit that I had my reservations at the beginning. We still have a long way to go in Bolton Food Spain, but undoubtedly this methodology has initiated a tangible and high impact change in the organization.
Katty Colmenares
Supply Chain Director (Sherpa in PEAK), Bolton Food
Our experience with the ActioGlobal team has been very positive. They have accompanied us in improving our entire management system and also in understanding and effectively applying the innovation sprints "Design Sprints". Personally, their support has helped me to accomplish the transformation of the organization. This project has caused a spectacular motivation in our team and in our professionals. Thank you ActioGlobal, for your dedication, involvement, accessibility and empathy with people.
Victor Frías
Co-Owner and Executive Director, Frías Nutrición
Our organization has grown from 12 to over 100 people in the last 6 years. To maintain our ability to be proactive and adapt to the market with our products, we tried different structures and processes to plan, execute and evaluate our performance, but we did not find the solution until we started working together with ActioGlobal to establish PEAK in Hungary. PEAK is a perfectly crafted cultural development model that can be adapted to any organization and helps achieve extraordinary results. PEAK makes it possible for all teams to work together, but at the same time innovate in a self-organized way, to achieve the company's goals. Working together effectively is the only way to survive and grow even more, especially today when all things have changed! PEAK is the perfect tool you need for your organization!This project has caused a spectacular motivation in our team and in our professionals. Thank you ActioGlobal, for your dedication, involvement, accessibility and empathy with people.
Géza Palocsay
General Manager, Jófogás
With ActioGlobal's Phygital Flywheel model, we have merged the physical and digital environment to make ourselves known, connect with people, convert them into customers and "make them fall in love with us".

The Phygital Flywheel has allowed us to work with multidisciplinary squads putting the consumer at the center.
Gemma Malla
Digital Medicines Manager Iberia HCPs , Angelini Pharma España
The experience of working with ActioGlobal in the Pharmacy Department of the Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela has allowed us to have a holistic vision of the whole process of managing stocks of medicines, identifying points of improvement in each area and process. Highly recommended and essential to be able to provide a quality service and an enhanced to our patients.
Irene Zarra Ferro
Head of Pharmacy Service Hospital Center of Santiago de Compostela
The transformation of the processes, in the people and in the organization of Hispanofil, besides developing our staff and strengthening us as a team, has improved the confidence of the customers in our company. All this is enabling us to overcome the crisis caused by Covid-19 faster and with better results than our competitors. Thank you ActioGlobal, now we are AGILISTS!
Alberto Martínez Cuevas
Managing Director, Hispanofil
In a process of transformation and business improvement as we are immersed at Phs Serkonten, it has been essential that ActioGlobal has helped us implement new organizational processes and self-organized multidisciplinary teams. Their approach and tools for continuous improvement and their philosophy of empowering organizations to change from within has been paramount. A pleasure to have them as partners in our transformation!
David de la Torre
Managing Director, PHS Serkonten
Working hand in hand with ActioGlobal on a Lean Healthcare project at Segovia's General Hospital has meant putting problems on the table and providing solutions, which at first sight seemed complicated, in an orderly and facilitated way in a multidisciplinary work group setting, creating a climate of trust and safety in the team and promoting a quality culture among all the professionals. We have learnt a lot from all the people involved, from each other, and we hope to continue working with ActioGlobal in the future.
Laura Callejo
Deputy Director of Nursing, Segovia General Hospital
OKR have brought about a shift in business philosophy by clarifying and more closely linking business objectives, as well as involving the majority of employees in achieving the most important outcomes to meet the overall goals. It is now easier to align with overall objectives and quickly identify deviations in achieving objectives. As a Sherpa, I firmly believe that it is a methodology that generates engagement and helps ensure that the company's goals are achieved with everyone's buy-in.
Luis Preciado
Chief Operating Officer, Homeria Open Solutions
At Siemens Gamesa, after feedback from other ActioGlobal clients, we decided to launch a productivity improvement project to increase the plant's manufacturing capacity. The new way of working was quickly internalized by the team and it didn´t take long for them to see he results. Once the improvement was achieved, we followed the work philosophy and obtained additional improvements that allowed us to compensate for other new market requirements (exponential change) that were negatively impacting our productivity. Due to a change in demand, we are currently replicating part of the methodology deployed with ActioGlobal, so we will definitely work closely together again in the future to transform our processes, team management and improve our competitiveness in this global setting.
Roberto González
Plant Manager, Lerma Siemens-Gamesa
ActioGlobal® has supported us in breaking those blocks thanks to a structure of self-organized teams based on the priorities of the company. This has really forced the change and a few months later we can proudly say that we have autonomous teams and we have a way of working in which hierarchy does not play any role.
Olga Insua
General Manager,
Angelini Pharma Spai
We decided to partner with ActioGlobal on the great challenge of changing the way we work. Today, after several months of intense work, I am very proud to see how this new cultural system has managed to bring together and give a logical shape to all the initiatives we were carrying out. We've changed our mindset from outputs to outcomes, using OKR, and other Agile methodologies within the outstanding ActioGlobal`s PEAK framework.
Juan Elías
Director General, Yapo
During the whole process I felt very comfortable (like "at home") and well informed about its progress. I really liked that, from the very beginning, they told me the details of the company so that I could evaluate if I´d really fit in with them. All of this showed a great professionalism that always made them think and empathize with the candidate. Thank you for the great chance and I am very happy to be part of Vila Viniteca.
Anna Fanneca
Técnica Generalista People área,
Vila Viniteca
ActioGlobal is our partner, our fellow traveller in the digitlization process of the Marriott Group's hotels. Thanks to ActioGlobal we are increasingly focused on our customers, we are more effective, more sustainable and more profitable. Without their professionalism, pragmatism, dedication as well as their continuous encouragement, this transformation would not be possible.
Ilona Baranowska
Manager of European Operational Innovation, Mariott International

One of the cornerstones of the change in the way we work is the evolution of the mindset. We have moved from thinking in terms of outputs to thinking in terms of outcomes. It may seem like a simple nuance, but the difference is fundamental and paradigmatic!
With this shift in mindset, the focus is no longer on delivering ""something"" but on the value delivered by that ""something."" Instead of telling teams what to do on a daily basis, we were able to empower them to seek and find solutions to specific needs or obstacles in close user and customer proximity.
The OKR methodology was an important step in shifting the mindset to outcomes! Together with ActioGlobal, we ensured that the objectives and KRs were aligned with the strategy and management priorities, transparent and visible to the entire organization on a daily basis.
Joao Eça
General Manager coches.net
& motos.net, Adevinta
ActioGlobal's guidance in impoving and optimizing processes in the Pharmacy Service has marked a before-and-after in our management. Firstly, by helping us to focus on a rational use of resources, eliminating waste and, above all, because it has been the starting point for a cultural change through "Lean" which has allowed us to grow as a team and always work in pursuit of excellence in our service.
José Manuel Martínez Sesmero
Innovation Manager, Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy
Idneo's People Team has a deep knowledge of our business (operations, projects, clients, profiles), of the organization and our people. This knowledge enables us to work together with the business, meet objectives, improve key results, and be a reliable partner. One of the biggest challenges with an OKR HR system is to set the right objectives, but the ActioGlobal team, as an OKR consulting firm, guided us on how to achieve them, in a didactically elaborate, but yet demanding way and gave us extremely valuable tools for this process. I wanted the People Team to be able to feel and live the change to tell the whole team that OKR HR is really going to propel us forward and it can be a positive change for everyone.
Artur Opi
People & Organization Director, Idneo
By their eXponential Entrepreneurship program, ActioGlobal has managed to give a boost to EpicKids Lab, my newly launched business model. A program, which all entrepreneurs and business people should attend, to put perspective to our companies or projects for working on the core business model and the periphery of them, with a tremendous creation of value. Thanks ActioGlobal! Now you are part of my business model.
Pedro Carrillo Herrero
CEO, EpicKids Lab Asturias
Working at ActioGlobal has been a turning point in my professional career, a new way of working that is 100% digital, with invaluable support from the entire team, with hours dedicated to each project, where professionalism is always present. Working at ActioGlobal means facing important challenges every day and understanding how great organizations work, i. e. always based on leadership and trust. Their values taught me: ""impact over activity"".
Christian Zas
UX/UI Designer, AG Alliance Former employee Former traine

ActioGlobal has helped us comprehend how to incorporate the best Agile practices used today by leading companies around the world step by step. What I value most about this experience is the practice-oriented and facilitating approach, away from dogmatism or inflexibility. This approach enabled me to deepen my understanding and reflect on the way how to transform our organization to meet the challenges in an increasingly complex and changing context.
Xavier Budet
Director Value Chain, La Sirena
Thanks to the perfect combination of theory and practice, ActioGlobal's program has helped me to settle myself in the new context of exponential change. After this experience I will be able to manage the current and future complexity with confidence, having acquired the necessary mindset and Agile tools to manage uncertainty. I will certainly implement everything I have learned within my company.
Alberto Lozano
Plan Manager, Florette
Through the implementation of PEAK, ActioGlobal has had the key part in this new phase of Segundamano to transform into a true High-Performance Organization, aligning the objectives of the teams with those of the organization, creating self-organized teams with increased responsibility and achieving the agility necessary to respond to the needs of our customers and users. For me as the CEO it´s highly valuable to be in weekly contact with each team, to see their progress and to be able to help them solve obstacles.
Ariel Eduardo Cilento
CEO, Segundamano
More and more people are talking about exponential technologies and how business models are changing. Agile methodologies are already a must, but the idea of only introducing scrum or kanban has nothing to do with it just as digital transformation is not only about introducing technology. ActioGlobal made us understand the true nature of Agile and digitalization as well as how to implement them in an effective, tangible, sound, and sustainable way. No doubt, ActioGlobal you ARE a REAL team, with capital letters. Thank you so much for teaching us!
Ana Reyes
Innovation and Knowledge Management, Agües de Barcelona
I have worked with Agile and scrum for project development, but I have not known OKR or how this system can improve team alignment with company objectives. With PEAK of ActioGlobal, I was able to understand Agile in a more holistic way, beyond the application of tools. It has provided me with structure and immediate application. It is certainly improving our performance and will help us achieve our goals.
Daniel López
Director of Digital Innovation Management Office , Fundació i2cat
After more than 10 years working with ActioGlobal in several different companies, I am convinced that they are the best option to lead a complete transformation of the operating culture of an industry into a safe harbour. From my point of view, the key to the success of a company like this lies in the consolidation and sustainability of the changes taking place and this is something inherent in ActioGlobal's DNA. There is no speculation about deadlines and the transformation programme is tailored to the needs of each case, adapting it to the starting situation, priorities, strategic plan, ... Good work and I trust I can count on you as a partner in the coming years.
José Luis Esteban
Plant Manager, Natra
When I received the first message from ActioGlobal, my immediate thought was how sophisticatedly objective this online candidate search was. I would never have thought that such an opportunity could come about without first having established some sort of relationship with the recruiter, or with the candidate sourcing company. ActioGlobal recognized something I hadn't noticed before: the way my profile fit a position of responsibility in a chain of independent bookstores. A job that, however, any publisher who really likes books (and that's how I can define myself) has ever desired. I really liked the transparency from the first day and during the interviews, about what they were looking for, how I fit the profile, and also where my application might not fit in. Thus, it was important to encourage me to pursue the process all the way to the end. Now, while we are fine-tuning the details of the pre-contract with Laie, ActioGlobal is still present, answering all the questions that have come up. It has been the most serious selection process in which I have ever participated in my life.
Diana Hernández
Manager Book Division, Laie
By their eXponential Entrepreneurship program, the ActioGlobal team has achieved to make all participants change their perspective on their projects and/or businesses. The team attended them during the change, providing tools, working on the "core" and "edge" of the models. So we managed to turn these projects into projects prepared to face a future (and a present) that is marked by exponential changes both in the market and society. An essential experience for each company that wants to design its future successfully.
Patricia Zapico Naveira
Director, InnovaAsturias

No doubt, this is a program that requires thinking outside the box to connect with consumers all based on what they tell us they need, what they like, and what they think of our ideas. We sharpen our perceptions and form our own picture of the target we want to aim for high impact with measurable results. A great help to prioritize, validate, discard projects and learn while optimizing time.
Natalia García
Product Manager CHC Spain, Angelini Pharma
ActioGlobal has been the best guide to implement the use of common sense and empowerment through practical actions in our organization. No doubt, the best partner to lead an organizational and cultural transformation.
Albert Ambrós
Operations Manager, Xolertic PRODEC
It was a turning point to have given Radical Candor training to 1100 employees. It was the best investment we have ever made.
Elisabeth Guasch
HR Director Europe, Adevinta
The four PEAK® axes of ActioGlobal have helped us prioritize, collaborate, execute and learn - together.
Paolo Maria Tafuri
Chief Operating Officer
EDP Africa & Institutional Representative Spain, Danone
Thank you for joining us on this learning journey. For me, this experience was a gift and I was able to apply everything I had read about Agile in practice. Thank you for making us a team that feels like one, too. I think a revolution has begun in the EHS team!
Pilar Sandía
EHS Professional, John Deere


How was your partnership with ActioGlobal?

I had used Agile in software development, and it was clear to me that scrum helped us develop projects and manage tasks. ActioGlobal has enabled me to see a more holistic, more strategic approach to Agile. From defining goals by OKR to organizing them in multidisciplinary teams enabling them to contribue to the same overall goal. We have discovered a much more profound Agile.
Silvia Rabanal
COO, Havas Media
Working with ActioGlobal has been a turning point and a qualitative advancement in the culture of our staff. Not only because they have imparted technical knowledge to us but also "ways of doing" and "ways of thinking" of proven effectiveness.
Roberto Aristi
General Manager, EDSCHA SPAIN & MEXICO (Gestamp)
ActioGlobal noticed my profile and contacted me directly. I was interested in the opportunity and they were very prompt in setting up a video interview. Both before and after, they gave me all the information about the profile they were looking for, within the confidentiality parameters of the first screening of candidates. They gave me the opportunity to explain my experience, asked me questions about my personal background and relationship with the companies I had worked for, and shared the initial financial offer, which I appreciated in order to be clear about the context of the relationship they were proposing. In their coordination with the company they used various ways to connect and move the process forward. At all times they kept transparent on the status of the process. Even when I asked directly for feedback from the company, they did not hesitate to provide it. In the final phase, they even responded in less than 2 hours to the joint schedule management, and in each of the meetings they always accompanied me to make sure there was interest on my part and to keep the relationship close even in the typical periods between phases.
Carles Selda
Digital PM e-commerce B2B,
Vila Viniteca
In the Pharmacy Department of the University Hospital of Guadalajara we are convinced of the benefits of applying Lean Healthcare tools to improve the daily processes of our work. Thanks to ActioGlobal for having introduced us to the Lean methodology in a comprehensive and effective way, involving the entire team of the Pharmacy Service.
Ana Maria Horta Hernández
Ana Maria Horta Hernández
Head of Pharmacy Service, Hospital Universitario de Guadalajara
Right from the start, the ActioGlobal team understood our business context and our way of uniting a production-results-human factor-team and collaboration. With them, we incorporated very good ways of working and doing that today we continue to maintain. We learned that the effectiveness and results come from the organization and, above all, the alignment of all parties involved.
Sonia Moyano
Head of Human Resources, Laboratorios Feltor
ActioGlobal has conveyed their experience to all levels of our organization with commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance. We had to make a change of Mindset, more digital and far from the habit we had grown into by the time. With ActioGlobal, we have achieved transparency, empowerment and growth of the people who are part of Angelini, improving our alignment and teamwork. We have certainly increased our speed, without losing the rigor and, above all, we have learned to focus on what is important to our customers, increasing our level of ambition.
Marta Jornet
Head of Prescription Medicines BU, Angelini Pharma

At Arkema, the relationship with ActioGlobal started some years ago, when we proposed to implement SMART. We have advanced together in the development of the project with significant results that have changed our way of working. I´d like to highlight the always close relationship with ActioGlobal, their flexibility and readiness to respond to our needs, the pleasant way in which the training sessions are held, and, above all, the respect for our identity and idiosyncrasy.
Emili Argemi
Plant Manager, Arkema
ActioGlobal has played a key role throughout the entire selection process for my candidacy. From the beginning, the support and accompaniment provided has been excellent. The follow-up received at each stage of the selection process as well as the communication have been very smooth with the ActioGlobal team. At all times, they keep you informed about the status of your application and you are always given a professional and seamless overview of the next steps. Not once have I felt disinformation or disinterest like it sometimes happens when the candidate has to ask again and again about how the process is advancing, Thanks to their planning and management, ActioGlobal already provides this information beforehand. Excelent work.
Janire Sanz
Talent Search Candidate for Digital Medicine Specialist Position
Angelini Pharma
After a seminar on Agile that ActiGlobal held in our company, we have caught fire for this philosophy all matters related to it. As an IT manager I needed to discover a more practical approach. In the program I was able not only to understand but also to apply the tools and I learnt many Agile concepts applicable to project management. Thank you for this very rewarding experience.
Francesc Rodríguez
Global I.I. Director, Estamp
OKR have helped us to focus on what is really important and adds value to the company. Thanks to the methodology proposed by ActioGlobal, we have been able to ensure that the company achieves a constant pace of development that allows us to grow and achieve the objectives set. This change not only leads to a change in the way of working, but also to a change in the mindset and motivation of all employees, as they feel themselves to be part of the company's successes and victories.
Pablo Macías
Product Manager - WinDelivery, Homeria Open Solutions.

Thanks to ActioGlobal we have discovered that the building and development of self-organizing teams is the core of Agile. It allows us to place the customer at the center and make everyone work towards a common goal. It's about breaking with the historic linear process and working in a way that makes every project and every objective a moonshot.
Farnés Linares
CEO, EpicKids Lab Asturias
Since we started to work with PLAY at Angelini Pharma using OKR and the best Agile practices, the change we have made as a company has been incredible. Together we have managed to turn it into more than just a methodology: PLAY is a work culture, a ""way of being and working"" that is characteristic of Angelini Pharma. The ActioGlobal team has enabled us to work in cross-functional teams, where we all focus on the same objective (our company's North Star). A leverage that challenges us and forces us out of our comfort zone to dynamically anticipate changes in the environment. Today we can confirm that Angelini Pharma would be impossible without ""PLAY"".
Maria Beatriz Velilla
Junior Product Manager Presc Med Spain, Angelini Pharma Spain
Due to the ActioGlobal team we have established a clear orientation towards improvement by applying innovative tools for analysis and problem solving. Their knowledge, guidance, and flexibility have enabled our teams to advance in achieving the objectives set for each of the projects we have launched.
Sandra Rico
Sandra Rico
Head of Talent Management, HR Development & Internal Communication, Continental Automotive
After intense days of being deeply immersed in the ActioGlobal program and having learnt a lot, all the participants agreed that this has been a turning point in their projects, a change of perspective. For the Oviedo Emprende team, the collaboration with ActioGlobal has also marked a before and after in our way of working, significantly affecting the design process of our future, without forgetting the personal, professional and experienced team growth that we highly appreciate.
Roberto Bayón
Mentor Lean StartUp, Oviedo Emprende

ActioGlobal's PEAK framework allows the key competencies to be developed so that a leader can carry out a practical, immediate and high impact Agile implementation, in the challenging context of exponential change we are experiencing today. Undoubtedly, the PEAK transformation model promotes self-organization, collaboration and high performance of people within the organization.
jose hernandez
José Hernández
Performance Manager, Softys
All members of the ActioGlobal team have been fantastic collaborators on our agile journey. From always being open to our feedback and ambitions, to being constant challengers, we’ve worked together in 2021 to create a significant step up to the way in which we define, prioritise and communicate our goals. We’re now running regular Quarterly Business Reviews, have full transparency over our Objectives and Key Results, and we’re getting these sharper and more transparent with every cycle. ActioGlobal have been valued coaches, collaborator and inspiring influencers, and have set us on the right path through their amazing guidance, framework and continuous support.
Nikki Parkins
Agile & PMO Lead Digital 4 Growth, Unilever
The PEAK Agile methodology has taught us to be much more focused on working for tangible impacts rather than for actions in each of the challenges we set ourselves, and also to measure the results weekly. Additionally, thanks to the Squads, different departments of the company collaborate together to achieve common objectives, generating really interesting points of view that before working with this methodology would have escaped our attention".
Javier Cideres
Key Account Manager Retail (Squad member in PEAK),
Bolton Food
Three years after our work experience with ActioGlobal, J.Juan is a company with an industrial momentum that strengthens us as one of the leading manufacturers in the sector. Thank you, ActioGlobal!
Oliver Saura
COO, J.Juan Group
The PEAK framework is a radical transformation in the way that Adevinta teams work. It takes effort and commitment but it is truly empowering our people and aligning us around outcomes. The loop connecting continuous learning and business impact is both engaging and enriching. From my marketing functional leadership perspective, I strongly value PEAK´s power to break functional silos. In my experience with Schibsted and Adevinta we tried hard. Now Corporate marketing teams are working as one in the local operations, collaborating effectively with other functions. ActioGlobal has been the perfect partner in this journey.
santiago rodriguez
Santiago Rodríguez de Miguel
Director Global Growth, Adevinta

At Angelini, we used the FAST method in the framework of an internal innovation week. During this week, it was immediately useful for us to develop ideas that were different from the projects we normally work on every day. Within a few hours, we had project designs prioritized and were able to test them with customers. I think that's the fundamental shift in mindset the program is leading us to. When developing new proposals, we put the customers and their needs first, and we test our ideas with great flexibility. This helps us create more value and get to know our customers better during the process.
joel lluis
Joel Lluis Sabaniego
Market Acces Manager, Angelini Pharma
With its Agile Business Certification program and its Agile maturity model, ActioGlobal helped us to get to know our organization better and provide us with a starting point to understand how to incorporate Agile in our specific situation. Now I know where we are in terms of innovation, people, organizational structure, etc... and I know where we want to go, what steps we´ll have to take at each moment.
Enrique Escalante
HR Director, Havas Media
With its Agile Business Certification program and its Agile maturity model, ActioGlobal helped us to get to know our organization better and provide us with a starting point to understand how to incorporate Agile in our specific situation. Now I know where we are in terms of innovation, people, organizational structure, etc... and I know where we want to go, what steps we´ll have to take at each moment.
sylvia dellantonio
Sylvia Dellantonio
General Manager, Willhaben GmbH & Co
This team of excellent professionals is capable of involving the different work teams in each project, ensuring that all its "components" understand and learn the different techniques of innovation and continuous improvement that are implemented in the organization by practice.
Andreu Gabarró
Operation Manager, Apli Paper SAU
FAST has helped me to get inspired, approach and iterate with problems and the creative process in a different way. Having the consumer always at the center of our decisions, falling less in love with the solutions (and more with the problem to be solved) and adding value with proposals that we would not have reached with another methodology.
guillermo alejandro
Guillermo Dibella
HR Director Marketing & R&D, Unilever Brasil
In a digital environment continuously changing and with a fierce competition, PEAK helped us not just keep the business in check but also evolving our way of working and our business by bringing continuous aligned among a multitude of teams and work streams. Everyone in our company has a weekly overview of the whole business, from the financials to the problems. Are we perfect? Far from it, but we strive for improvement and PEAK has given us an agile and nimble structure to achieve our ambitious goals.
Fausto Dassenno
Chief Product Officer, Subito & infojobs Italy
FAST allowed us as a team to execute an innovation process in a very different way. We were able to really put the consumer at the center of our development and work with an iteration process with which we could quickly and assertively develop a better product that meets the needs of our consumers. In the process, we learned a different way of working that we can undoubtedly pass on to other teams, and we even busted a lot of myths about needs that our customers don't even have. In addition, FAST gave us the discipline to work in a multidisciplinary team and with people from different countries with different individual objectives.
solange garcia
Solange Garcia
HR Strategic Project Manager, Unilever

I'm sure RESET has helped the team take a break, step back and consciously organize forums and meetings efficiently to streamline the way we work and focus on delivering value to the business.
Berta Escudé
HRBP Digital Hub & Supporting Functions, Unilever
PEAK® is not magic. It's a learning process that leads you to success. Key to PEAK® for us has been to prioritize wildly, that's what makes the difference. It's not a matter of time or money. It's deciding about what to do and what not to do. The first quarters are a time of in-depth learning for the teams, but the weekly rhythm, the "Drumbeat," has helped us a lot to pivot, iterate and update the agile OKR , Objectives and Key Results, if necessary. This has accelerated our speed and our impact on the market. Instead of a leadership team of three or four people thinking about a decision, we have sixty people thinking and then making appropriate decisions. The teams take on the OKR strategy as if they were their own start-up, their PEAK® company within the company. We have achieved the historic result of the past ten years.
Óscar Vicente
General Manager Spain, Bolton Food
Participating in the Agile Challenge Program was indeed a great challenge! We learned to work in a team whose members had not known each other before and who came from different departments with different backgrounds. We applied the best agile practices that we had never used in our ""daily work"". Thanks to a great coordination work between the team members, the solid role of the sponsor and agile coach at the group level and mentor at the individual level, as well as the new way of working with Agile, the final project was very rewarding. It was undoubtedly a very demanding few months, but the experience was extremely positive and enriching!
Bruna Rovira Robert
QM Specialist, BASF
ActioGlobal's approach of self-organized Agile teams and OKRs is fundamental for changing the system and coordination in companies. This course 'opens your mind' to understand that Agile is possible. I will implement it in my company in the short term. Mainly, I needed more philosophy (Agile) than tools (Trello, Slack, etc) but I have found the perfect combination.
Luis Hermoso
Continuous Improvement Manager, Azucarera
ActioGlobal offered me the opportunity to start a new and challenging project. From the beginning I was treated very friendly and respectful and every step was transparent. They were always responsive and trustworthy and kept me informed about the latest developments in the selection process. They care about the application process as well as the people!
Mireia Ruiz
People Technician, Nice Tech

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