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Agile Hybrid Work Framework

How can we build a leading organization, that shapes new markets and business models by linking the talent of people around the world?

Some time ago, this question has caused us to study successful agile organizations with remote or hybrid working models. What we generally discovered underlying their cultures is a very solid groundwork, cemented in clear, simple and universal principles. We found five essential principles that we have been able to experience during the last decade both in our own company and in organizations around the world that have been transitioning their working model from traditional face-to-face to agile hybrid or full remote.

But why is this so important? Basically, principles guide the thousands of choices we make every day (both individually and organizationally).

Building an organization based on agile principles, digital collaboration and remote working by no means is an overnight effort. It requires planning, commitment, action and a lot of learning.

It requires conscious decisions to build an organization that operates according to new principles, adapted to a new reality:


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Since we started collaborating with ActioGlobal I have experienced a transformation as profound as I've never seen before in my career at Adevinta and Schibsted.

Sergio Visinoni
Chief Technology Officer at

Within a few quarters an alignment and a clarity have already been created that would have been impossible to accomplish without the experience and commitment of the ActioGlobal team. I consider myself privileged to witness and actively participate in this transformation. In addition to learning a boatload from highly competent people, I am helping my company to be much more effective in achieving results. I recommend ActioGlobal to any company that aims to increase their impact and success in business.



ActioGlobal has been very successful in introducing a methodology that allows us to order, align and measure the progress of business in an organization as complex as ours with nearly 100 multidisciplinary teams.

David Manchón Mauri
General Manager Sales of Adevinta

This is especially difficult in an organization that is not only a matrix, but at least comprises four different businesses in the same organization. In this environment, managing a cross-sectional area like the one I manage, which has dependencies with many vertical areas, raised significant issues. On the one hand, the product teams often forgot to incorporate the commercial input and, on the other hand, the commercial teams had dependencies on other teams in the company and it was difficult for them to get considered within the tasks to be developed by the other teams. Working in the PEAK framework, planning quarterly based on the fulfilment of some objectives and KRs involving previous work on communication between teams to definitely reach handshakes. It is also indispensible since the the multidisciplinary teams have to incorporate sales people if the fulfilment of KRs requires it. Applying this methodology allowed to solve the above mentioned problems to a considerable extent.

"No less essential has been the role of this methodology during such a special time as the pandemic when teams have been working from home. I believe PEAK has been the key that has allowed the machinery to keep going."


Download the 5 Keys to the Agile Hybrid Work Framework

ActioGlobal has provided me with tools to transfer the methodology of the OKRs into practice and to enhance the application of the theory. Very comprenhensible and highly recommended!

Montse Dinarès
 Director Finance

The world of Agile, OKRs and remote collaboration is very wide and complex, with many theories, easy to disseminate but difficult to apply.

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