Jonathan Escobar Marin

16 September 2021
remote work

Culture is hungry – eats remote work for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Parafraseando la cita de Peter Drucker, me gustaría aprovechar la ocasión para responder en abierto a varias cuestiones sobre cultura, transformación, smart work o trabajo híbrido y teletrabajo que nos hacen repetidamente clientes y medios de comunicación.
22 June 2021
the Agile High performance organizations

Two more Master Keys behind the Culture of Agile High-Performance Organizations – Leaders and Teams

In our article from last week, we investigated the Keys behind the Culture of Agile High-Performance Organizations as a whole and highlighted Communications as one of […]
15 June 2021

The Keys behind the Culture of Agile High-Performance Organizations

In our mini-series on corporate culture we have been publishing during the last weeks in our blog, let´s discuss today a fundamental question: What is it […]
11 May 2021

Two Rock-Solid Beliefs to Shape the Future of Work and Business

The History of Work and Business   Let’s start with a flashback to the origins. Before the Industrial Revolution, most manufacturing work was done by small organizations […]
5 May 2021
New work rules

NEW WORK Rules – How Google and its people evolve the best version of themselves

It’s neither their colorful logo, the Googleplex state-of the art building, its attractive courtyard nor the extravagant bicycles for the staff that make their employees happy, […]
27 April 2021
Leadersship Transformation

To Lead or to Shape the Next?
A Leadership Transformation

The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.” Seth Godin Of course, […]
11 March 2021

Leadership is about Respect and Developing Talents

Being polite, friendly and helpful – this is what many leaders simply understand by respect. No doubt, these are prerequisites, but is this already enough? For […]
4 March 2021

How to Make Strategy and OKR the Organizational Compass to Learn and Win

Strategy is the most powerful tool to give every team the possibility to learn and win. But for that purpose, strategy must be something else than […]
17 February 2021
¿Cómo son las organizaciones ágiles?

What Do Agile Organizations Look Like?

What do agile organizations look like? – This is the question we are frequently asked. Our first answer is: Agile organizations don’t all look alike. This […]
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