Màrius Gil

17 March 2021

“Drumbeat”: make the heart of your organization beat stronger

There is a certain level of uncertainty inherent to any activity or project aiming to generate sufficient impact to change the status quo. Consequently, the outcomes […]
3 February 2021

Execution eats innovation for breakfast

Linus Pauling, the two-time Nobel Prize winner, summed up the entire innovation process in one sentence when he said that “the way to get good ideas […]
15 September 2020

Exponential Mindset #SHAPETHENEXT

It’s an exponential world In modern times, we are currently witnessing a steady disappearance of companies one might have thought being in good health. These are […]
2 September 2020

OKR: the formula of Agile organizations

Until the introduction of Agile, experience had taught us that the traditional methods for managing objectives did not deliver the expected results. At the same time, […]
21 July 2020

Building the «Agile Organization» – Don’t imitate. Innovate.

Agile organization? Tribes, guilds, squads… without any doubt the organization map of an «Agile company» shows some patterns that clearly reveal its nature. However, it has […]
6 April 2020

Results and actions

With disruptive changes the results we achieve depend on what we do. What we do depends on how we see the world around us So, how […]
24 March 2020

Work on remote: some tips for a smooth change

The practice of remote teams has increased significantly in recent years. Companies of all sizes have discovered the benefits of telecommuting. However, despite the advantages of […]
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