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To Lead or to Shape the Next?
A Leadership Transformation
The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.” Seth Godin Of course, you are an expert in your business and know what the future should look like for your organization. Of course, you have created a vision. But how can you help people follow your vision, overcome the obstacles and be determined to make the future happen? In...
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FUEL - Make your Business Future-Proof
The last few months have seen disruptions in the deep-rooted paradigms of almost all businesses. Today we know that the future is going to be different. Companies in all sectors face one big challenge: it´s about implementing changes with an impact in order to cope with the new normality, to be safe. Those that want to survive have to restore their business activities in an agile and efficient way,...
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“Drumbeat”: make the heart of your organization beat stronger
There is a certain level of uncertainty inherent to any activity or project aiming to generate sufficient impact to change the status quo. Consequently, the outcomes achieved do not always meet expectations. Admittedly, in a deterministic world this level of uncertainty would be totally negligible and a causal relationship could be established between the actions taken and the outcomes achieved, however,...
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How to Make Strategy and OKR the Organizational Compass to Learn and Win
Strategy is the most powerful tool to give every team the possibility to learn and win. But for that purpose, strategy must be something else than a list of wishful thinking or top level promises. Strategy is about making choices. Making choices means deciding first what winning means for you, where you are going to play and how you are going to win. Then, once you have made these first primary choices,...
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Five Contributors to a Volatile Culture
This article is a coalescence of my direct experience with over 5,000 companies worldwide during a 5 ½ year tenure with a renowned global Institute focused on organizational transformation, along with a decade-long devotion to and study of Yoga as a philosophy and discipline. The concepts referenced here are a conceptual extrapolation of Chitta Vritti and Kleshas as taught by The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali...
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What Do Agile Organizations Look Like?
What do agile organizations look like? – This is the question we are frequently asked. Our first answer is: Agile organizations don’t all look alike. This is just due to the fact that agile organizations are agile and high performing because they have learned by experimentation to develop their own systems. So, these are organizations that do not copy someone else´s systems or practices but rather...
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The Agile Truth Episode III
Before you start reading this brand new article, we would recommend having a look atThe Agile Truth Episode I and Episode II “The map is not the land” or, to put it another way, to get something explained (however precise and accurate) is quite unlike experiencing it for oneself; it is not the real thing. The IT community has traversed the Agile terrain for the past two decades. Why? Necessity. Survival....
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Execution eats innovation for breakfast
Linus Pauling, the two-time Nobel Prize winner, summed up the entire innovation process in one sentence when he said that “the way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas, and throw the bad ones away”. The definition is excellent because it disproves the mistaken belief that the success of any project depends on a brilliant idea that appears fleetingly in our minds, changing the course of history...
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