Building Agile Teams

We create organizations based on networks of agile teams

We create self-organized teams

in line with the business objectives and the needs of clients and consumers

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Scrum masters for creating agile teams? 



“Whenever an opportunity arises, we respond slowly and ineffectively”
“We need to speed up our problem solving and decision-making processes”
“We have redundancies and duplications throughout our organizational structure”
“We lack focus and alignment on business priorities”
“There is neither sense of ownership nor commitment in the organization”
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Tell you about our way of transforming

ActioGlobal first guided us through an implementation of Lean, which helped us stop hiding problems and start looking for continuous improvements. From that point on, ActioGlobal supported us progressively to move towards an Agile organizational structure, which helped us unite the team, get closer to the customer and, above all, learn and iterate continuously to incorporate improvements in our service.
Consol Casablanca
Global Client Services Director, Welocalize
ActioGlobal has been the best guide to implement the use of common sense and empowerment through practical actions in our organization. No doubt, the best partner to lead an organizational and cultural transformation.
Albert Ambrós
Operations Manager, Xolertic PRODEC
Thanks to ActioGlobal we have discovered that the building and development of self-organizing teams is the core of Agile. It allows us to place the customer at the center and make everyone work towards a common goal. It's about breaking with the historic linear process and working in a way that makes every project and every objective a moonshot.
Farnés Linares
Business Improvement Manager, Havas Media

This is how we transform the multinational that impacts 2.5 billion consumers every day.


Designing an Agile Organization

Our organizational design and development program focuses on the development of organizations based on networks of self-organizing Agile teams. In quarterly iteration waves, we transform traditional organizational structures into agile structures, where each team accepts business responsibility, with autonomy and high accountability.

Developing Agile Teams

Our methodology, proven by the development of more than 3200 self-organized teams, focuses on designing, building, growing and developing high performance teams in different sectors. We apply the best practices of Agile, Lean Start-up, Lean Management, and Exponential Organizations.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Our methodology, which integrates Kepner Tregoe’s complex problem solving and decision making practices as well as Toyota’s Problem Solving methodologies, provides teams at all levels of the organization with effective and proven tools to get to the source of problems and establish highly effective systemic countermeasures.

Maturity Model Agile Teams

Our X model, developed through feedback from organizations and leaders around the world, measures a team’s level of maturity against Agile pillars, which we have proven to be fundamental to achieving agility, high performance and high satisfaction of customers and consumers.

Transformation of Disfunctional Teams

We develop executive teams for solving the causes that prevent them from aligned and effective working. We treat their disfunction with different techniques, activities and accompaniment processes until they become high performance teams. We work on the transformation on both the collective and individual levels, ensuring that we restore or build the self-awareness, mutual trust, cohesion and routines that distinguish an Agile, highly effective team.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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