Business model and proposition

We multiply the impact of our clients by transforming their business models.

For almost two decades, we have been turning obsolete and stagnant "budget and billing" models into growth models

that accelerate the creation of value for clients, consumers and users, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the organizations we support

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Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st.



“We haven't found a consistent Product-Market Fit. No results are coming in.”
“We fall in love with our products but forget about the needs of the customers they are supposed to serve.”
“We operate by inertia. But it's an inertia that drains away.”
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Tell you about our way of transforming

By their eXponential Entrepreneurship program, ActioGlobal has managed to give a boost to EpicKids Lab, my newly launched business model. A program, which all entrepreneurs and business people should attend, to put perspective to our companies or projects for working on the core business model and the periphery of them, with a tremendous creation of value. Thanks ActioGlobal! Now you are part of my business model.
Pedro Carrillo Herrero
CEO, EpicKids Lab Asturias
The great professionals of ActioGlobal have given us the possibility of transforming our start-up into an Agile High-Performance Organization capable of responding to the changing environment. After an immersion into what exponential organizations are, we have "suffered" a change of mentality and vision that is helping us to develop objectives and execute the next steps to achieve them. We are really grateful!
Tania Fernandez Navarro
Co-founder, Criogene
ActioGlobal's professionals form a perfectly coordinated and exemplary team that accompanies you in the process of change, from questioning your business model to providing the tools for adapting your project to the paradigm shift and turn it into an exponential organization. Beyond the teaching of a methodology, their training program means an immersion skilfully modifying our way of thinking. Very useful for new entrepreneurs; indispensable for consolidated projects.
Beatriz Zapico
CEO, Estrategia Exterior


Business Model

We create or redefine winning business models together with our clients. We do this with the experience of having partnered dozens of well-established organizations and startups for two decades, and with the evidence that a company’s product is not solely what they make or offer, but their entire business model. This implies not only distinguishing the product, but also, for example, how it is delivered to the customer, how it is charged, or even what type of support is used to deliver it.

Exponential Organizations

We disarm the immune systems of organizations that prevent them from developing to grow at exponential rates. Through a proven process of accompaniment, we change the collective mindset from scarcity to abundance, developing the attributes that distinguish exponential organizations, through iterations of continuous invalidation of their business models and value propositions. Additionally, we develop disruptive innovation capabilities that allow for continuous learning on the road to exponential growth.

Value Proposition Development

We leverage our clients’ knowledge and capabilities to find the value propositions that will truly win over their customers, consumers and users. We help systemize the processes of definition and continuous review of the value propositions through the most effective tools and processes for each industry and market.

Business Idea Experimentation

We expedite our clients testing business ideas that work in PowerPoint but must prove their viability to the expressed or unexpressed desire and needs of clients and consumers. In the same way, we work to prove the operational feasibility of the ideas and to (un)validate their proposal for economic and financial sustainability.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

Let's talk!

If you desire to shape the future, through Agility, Digitalization and High Performance then let´s make it come true – together.