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ActioGlobal® and Adevinta are reinventing the digital future


ActioGlobal® and Adevinta have created PEAK®, a unique way of working that has transformed Adevinta into the largest online classifieds marketplace in the world.

Gianpaolo Santorsola
Executive Vice President Adevinta

“PEAK® has helped us a lot. Above all, we have been able to make decisions much more quickly, much more detailed, and in each marketplace we have met the changing needs of our users.”

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Adevinta, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, pioneered PEAK®. How has the change worked out?

Gianpaolo Santorsola
Executive Vice President Adevinta
We are a 100% digital company. Agility was a must for us, a strategic business imperative to increase proximity to user and customer needs quickly.

In order to scale up quickly, we turned decision making upside down, it was not the “bosses” any longer who made the decisions but rather the people who are really at the front line of advocating for users’ and customers’ needs, i. e., the teams..

With PEAK®, we have been able to innovate. Innovate with speed, innovate with speed at scale.

PEAK® is an incredible model for motivating and empowering people, unleashing talent and el talento y getting the exceptional team you need.

“It was really worthwhile: I am very happy with the results we have achieved with PEAK® by ActioGlobal.”

Gianpaolo Santorsola
Executive Vice President Adevinta

“It is amazing to see how many different companies are joining PEAK® and how it impacts different industries and companies equally”

Gianpaolo Santorsola
Executive Vice President Adevinta

How have you managed to synchronize all the Adevinta teams with PEAK® in more than 20 countries?

Gianpaolo Santorsola
Executive Vice President Adevinta

PEAK® has made us confident in the people in our organization, opening up information to them so that they can synchronize more, so that they can communicate better, so that they understand what is going on within the organization and what is not moving at the appropriate rhythm.

When you have eighty teams in Spain alone, hundreds more in the rest of the world working in unison, remotely, in different time zones, with different cultures, different competitive positions… you need to provide transparency on where the organization is going.

When I consider what´s behind the empowerment by PEAK®, the answer is easy: there is synchronization and radical transparency. It’s a matter of Drumbeat®, of being all in sync, everyone at the same rhythm wherever they are in the world. Each team knows what the other teams are doing and can learn, see how they are progressing on their objectives and key results, OKR, and be inspired by the best practices of their peers.

The really nice thing about PEAK® is, it is not something driven top-down, but by the teams themselves, with their results and with the demand of more and more teams to join this way of working.

Adevinta Group companies around the world started to say: "we also need to work like this". Unintentionally, we have become a role-model with our PEAK® way of working and the transformation has taken place at the group level. It´s awesome.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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