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Using PEAK® as a transformation platform, we have developed for Angelini a proprietary way of working, PLAY, which enables the pharma company to radically change the way it works by making digitalization and agility its backbone.

Olga Insua
General Manager of Angelini Pharma Spain

“Thanks to ActioGlobal®, we are now better prepared than ever to respond to any changes faster and more efficiently”

Olga Insua in a weekly OKR-check-in



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What has been the key to this disruptive transformation?

Olga Insua
General Manager of Angelini Pharma Spain
Focusing on strategy with OKR, Objectives and Key Results, rather than activities has helped us make an impact where we should be making an impact. I always talk about impact against activity because we have to know what we are going to do and how, and focus the company’s efforts there.

Angelini used to be a very traditional company, not very disruptive and not very innovative. The notorious departmental silos were the norm.

ActioGlobal® has supported us in breaking those blocks thanks to a structure of self-organized teams based on the priorities of the company.

This has really forced the change and a few months later we can proudly say that we have autonomous teams and we have a way of working in which hierarchy does not play any role.

By placing the consumer or client at the center and the people at the front, we have been able to transform ourselves, we have been able to focus our work on external interests and not necessarily on internal positioning. This has led us to be more efficient, to put our efforts into what really matters, into what has an impact. We are walking together, learning, changing, we are breaking the inertia that we have been dragging for years and years.

“ActioGlobal® has helped us a lot regarding company spirit and people motivation and this resulted in better productivity and focus on the things that really make an impact.”

Olga Insua
General Manager of Angelini Pharma Spain

“With this way of working we have shaped together with ActioGlobal®, hierarchy is defeated by an organization that works towards common objectives, with autonomous teams that define their own OKR and accompanied by the Leadership Team helping them to succeed. ”

Olga Insua
General Manager of Angelini Pharma Spain

How have self-organized teams helped people take on leadership roles?

Olga Insua
General Manager of Angelini Pharma Spain
Angelini was a very traditional company. PEAK® has been essential for us because it has promoted empowerment, both of the individual and the team. We have given people safety through PEAK® and, advised by ActioGlobal®, we gave it it´s own name and called it PLAY, meaning Prioritize (P), Lead (L), Align (A) and Learn (Y).

People began to realize that they could challenge and question what had been done so far. As they were not experiencing any negative repercussions for challenging the status quo, they began to feel more confident, the fear of taking risks began to diminish and this was the trigger to start innovating.

With PEAK®, we have really been able to watch hidden high performance talent coming to the surface. People who previously were not visible are now leading their own teams, people who have been in the company for many years and never had an opportunity are now leading teams and actions. When people can witness the achievements, when they see that transparent communication, collaboration and focus on impact versus activity are rewarded, that is when the real transformation begins. This structure, this autonomy, this courage, has been fundamental to our challenges.

When the way of working is no longer something that has to be done because it is implemented in the company, but becomes the natural way of working, that is when you feel the real transformation happening.

When people and autonomous teams feel really encouraged, the miracle happens: the hierarchy, which used to be invincible, is no longer valid, it is obsolete and defeated by an organization that works towards common objectives, with autonomous teams that define their own OKR and work accompanied by the Leadership Team that does not interfere in their responsibilities but help them, side by side, to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Emilio Hita
Key Account,
Angelini Pharma España

"For me, the PLAY experience made me recogmize that I really contribute VALUE with my work. Seeing how every week, together with my squad, I have an impact on an objective aligned with the company makes my work much more meaningful. You have a clear focus on what is really important, achieve real impact and do´t get lost in doing for the sake of doing. In addition, with the sprints that are made within the squad, innovation is promoted by iterating among all of us and corrective actions are taken every week. In short, I think that PLAY, together with ActioGlobal, has been an ideal way to work, because it is the squad that takes the reins of the objectives, we are the real responsible for our business area and we see how we impact on our objectives."

Beatriz Velilla
Junior Product Manager Junior PRESC MED Spain, Angelini Pharma España

"Since we started to work with PLAY at Angelini Pharma using OKR and the best Agile practices, the change we have made as a company has been incredible. Together we have managed to turn it into more than just a methodology: PLAY is a work culture, a ""way of being and working"" that is characteristic of Angelini Pharma. The ActioGlobal team has enabled us to work in cross-functional teams, where we all focus on the same objective (our company's North Star). A leverage that challenges us and forces us out of our comfort zone to dynamically anticipate changes in the environment. Today we can confirm that Angelini Pharma would be impossible without "PLAY"."

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