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ActioGlobal's Phygital Flywheel model has empowered Angelini Pharma to realize omni-channeling and merge the physical and digital worlds.

With ActioGlobal's Phygital Flywheel model, we have merged the physical and digital environment to make ourselves known, connect with people, convert them into customers and "make them fall in love with us".

Gemma Malla
Digital Medicines Manager Iberia HCPs
of Angelini Pharma Spain

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What convinced a leading company like Angelini to incorporate the Phygital Flywheel model?

Gemma Malla
Digital Medicines Manager Iberia HCPs
of Angelini Pharma Spain

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about digital transformation and it really seemed that the Pharma sector was a sector that did not need this digitalization, or stood somewhat on the fringes of it.

But from one day to the next, the realities of healthcare forced us to quickly change from having teams working completely offline and doing a lot of their activities face-to-face, to the need for incorporating remote access and digital interactions.

Bottom line, the need to transition from a world where interactions with our customers used to be face-to-face to one where we must merge the on-line and off-line worlds through omni-channeling.

From left to right: Marta Sala – HR Business Partner, Ana Villaverde – People Director, Gemma Rosés – Brand Manager, Gemma Malla – Digital Medicines.

"The Phygital Flywheel has allowed us to work with multidisciplinary squads putting the consumer at the center"

Gemma Malla
Digital Medicines Manager Iberia HCPs
of Angelini Pharma Spain

angelini phygital bootcamp

How has Angelini succeded in migrating to the model and mindset to make these Phygital interactions happen?

Gemma Malla
Digital Medicines Manager Iberia HCPs
of Angelini Pharma Spain

For translating the model and the necessary skills to our requirements, ActioGlobal facilitated us through the Phygital Bootcamp, which allowed us to align the entire organization to the same model, regardless of the department in which the staff worked: Market Access, Medical, Sales, Marketing….

Thanks to the Bootcamp, we all work to achieve four goals with our customers: attract them and get them to know us; engage and connect with them; convert them, gain sales; and “make them fall in love with us so they become fans and spread the word about our company, our organization and our mission.

We needed the teams to acquire these new skills and this new way of thinking in a very short time. Now, we all work by putting the patient and the consumer at the center, converging the physical and digital environment thanks to the Phygital Flywheel.

We have achieved this through the ActioGlobal Bootcamp, in which we are working closely with the multidisciplinary squads and different areas of the organization to apply all these new skills and ways of working.

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