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With PEAK®, ActioGlobal revolutionizes the traditional face-to-face and single-channel business model in the insurance sector to attract the new digital clients.


Jordi Rivera

PEAK® has been instrumental for us to accelerate our innovation process

both in the new solutions for individual clients, with the new range of microinsurance, and in our new approach to SMEs, facilitating the visualization of their legal equirements incorporating proposals for digital services in both cases.

Jordi Rivera is the founder of the DAS Innovation Lab, which combines a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem with the insurtech and legaltech vision of the DAS Group.


Eva Gol
Head of Culture & Customer Success · ActioGlobal®

In your sector, traditionally single-channel and highly aggressive competition, you used to work primarily face-to-face. Now, you have witnessed a new, more digital clientele coming into the market, which coexists with the previous one. How has PEAK® helped you to provide products for this new group of clients?

Jordi Rivera

In our sector we are currently experiencing a digital revolution that is disrupting the behavior of our clients, who have adopted single-click processes, services by subscription, etc.

Today´s challenge is the capacity of our organizations to adapt to the new needs of a more digitally oriented client base (both new and older generations) that demands simplicity, transparency and flexibility in the coverage of their risks.

The implementation of PEAK® (which we refer to internally as No Limits PEAK®) is a response to this of a greater proactivity and a better solution with regard our client´s need.


Jordi Rivera

Teams are iterating value propositions with feedback and suggestions from potential clients.

This is a radical change of the process that was previously executed by the departments.

We now take a more holistic view, where all autonomy and decision-making rests with the teams. The people in the organization are empowered and aligned.


Eva Gol
Head of Culture & Customer Success · ActioGlobal®

How has building a network of self-organized, multidisciplinary teams impacted your organization?

Jordi Rivera

Most positively and
by 3 key aspects:


The team members have a comprehensive view of the organization and the processes that have an impact on the customer.


A shared customer-centric vision is developed.


They make the appropriate decisions for achieving the objectives set.


Eva Gol
Head of Culture & Customer Success · ActioGlobal®

How has the role of leadership changed in an organization that has moved away from a hierarchical way of working to have teams take responsibility for achieving company results?

Jordi Rivera
CEO DAS España

With a great breakthrough: We have moved from strategic and operational decision making in the management board to significant decision making by self-organized teams having an impact on both clients and income statement.

For me, the most important aspect of PEAK® is the professional development and growth of our team. What we are talking about is a cultural transformation.

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Sonia Manjarrés
Responsable Gestión de Prestaciones y Operaciones, DAS

"For DAS, PEAK has not only meant a new way of working according to an agile methodology, but it is also gradually permeating our corporate culture. I believe that it is just as important for an organization to ensure its ""business as usual"" as it is to provide the necessary resources to work in project mode for the future. During the last year, I have had the opportunity to participate both as a group leader and as a team member, and this has allowed me to experience PEAK from different angles, but as a common denominator I´d highlight values such as teamwork, results orientation and a global/transversal vision, all with the ultimate objective of creating value for our customers and getting better every day."

Patricio Ilyef
Head of Organization and IT, DAS

The PEAK methodology has allowed us, on the one hand, to align the teams' priorities with the company's objectives, ensuring a single, consensus-based vision by all participants. On the other hand, weekly monitoring of progress has enabled us to be much more agile in decision making and to resolve obstacles quickly or pivot towards new ideas within a short period of time.

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