ActioGlobal has developed a program to transform companies into Exponential Organizations (ExOs).

ExOs disrupt and transform their industries, achieving an impact 10 times greater than their competitors.

The ActioGlobal® ExO Bootcamp decodes the entire equation for creating exponential organizations:

+ I.D.E.A.S.
+ S.C.A.L.E

The great professionals of ActioGlobal have given us the possibility of transforming our start-up into an Agile High-Performance Organization capable of responding to the changing environment. After an immersion into what exponential organizations are, we have "suffered" a change of mentality and vision that is helping us to develop objectives and execute the next steps to achieve them. We are really grateful!

Tania F. Navarro
Co-Founder Criogene

Attributes of
Exponential Organizations












ActioGlobal's professionals form a perfectly coordinated and exemplary team that accompanies you in the process of change, from questioning your business model to providing the tools for adapting your project to the paradigm shift and turn it into an exponential organization. Beyond the teaching of a methodology, their training program means an immersion skilfully modifying our way of thinking. Very useful for new entrepreneurs; indispensable for consolidated projects

Beatriz Zapico.
CEO Estrategia Exterior.

After intense days of being deeply immersed in the ActioGlobal program and having learnt a lot, all the participants agreed that this has been a turning point in their projects, a change of perspective. For the Oviedo Emprende team, the collaboration with ActioGlobal has also marked a before and after in our way of working, significantly affecting the design process of our future, without forgetting the personal, professional and experienced team growth that we highly appreciate.

Roberto Bayón
Oviedo Emprende

Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st.

By their eXponential Entrepreneurship program, the ActioGlobal team has achieved to make all participants change their perspective on their projects and/or businesses. The team attended them during the change, providing tools, working on the "core" and "edge" of the models. So we managed to turn these projects into projects prepared to face a future (and a present) that is marked by exponential changes both in the market and society. An essential experience for each company that wants to design its future successfully.

Patricia Zapico Naveira.
Directora Innova Asturias.

Through their eXponential Entrepreneurship program, ActioGlobal has given a boost to EpicKids Lab, my newly launched business model. A program all entrepreneurs and business people should undergo to give perspective to our companies or projects to work both on the core business model and it´s edge, with a brutal value contribution. Thanks ActioGlobal. Now you are part of my business model.

Pedro Carrillo Herrero
CEO EpicKids Lab Asturias

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