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Thanks to a cultural change through the PEAK® transformation model by ActioGlobal®, Faster is reinventing itself to respond to the challenges that the future of work poses for companies and professionals.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

PEAK® has allowed us to set all the muscles of our organization to work towards a common focus. We have multiplied our interactions both internally and with our customers and users, and have been able to anticipate and respond earlier and in the best way to their needs.

Santiago San Martín Mazzucconi
Executive Director FASTER


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Given the new trends in the recruitment industry (2.0, gamification, remote work, virtual reality....) and demand for jobs (process automation, information security analysts, internet of things specialists....), how has PEAK® helped you incorporate Agile principles and practices to closely meet the changing needs of your clients, candidates and companies?

I had heard about agile organizations for a long time before, but always thought that this way was not applicable to a company like Faster. When the pandemic hit, it became clear that we needed a much more flexible and efficient organization, that we needed to be able to respond to the events that were happening week by week at that time.

Thanks to PEAK® and the incorporation of Agile principles and practices, we now have an almost instant and direct connection to customer needs. In each weekly iteration, the Gemba Walk, these changing customer/employee needs are raised in a systematic and natural way in the form of roadblocks, which previously would have slipped completely under the radar.

This knowledge, together with the guidance and focus provided by the OKR, empowers us to make decisions and take immediate action, e.g. by incorporating process innovation and implementing continuous improvements in our ERP.
Santiago San Martín Mazzucconi
Executive Director FASTER

In my opinion, one of the most significant changes at Faster has been to get the feeling that all of us, with our daily work, contribute to achieve a common objective together with the rest of the company and that we are all part of something much bigger than our own department/branch.

Santiago San Martín Mazzucconi
Executive Director FASTER


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You have united, empowered and developed your team towards achieving common objectives with transparency and constant communication, turning it into an ecosystem of self-organized teams. What has this new culture and way of working meant for people? How have they adopted this change of mindset?

Facing a transformation challenge of this dimension requires a high level of trust that, starting from the top management, must infused the entire organization at the highest possible speed.

Like any transformation, it has been a process, a road to be traveled in which we have seen with satisfaction how people have been assuming a leading role from their own position.

The deciding factor was both the trust placed in all of us at Faster and the management’s unequivocal determination to show the way.

Thanks to the quarterly Drumbeat, and the rhythm we follow, this new mindset, this new culture of unity towards achieving objectives, has permeated the entire organization.

Today, working at Faster is no longer like working at any other company in our industry. Being part of Faster means being part of a high performing team and acquiring a unique know-how that no other competing company can currently offer.

We are demonstrating the power of an agile organization aligned with the phygital world

Santiago San Martín Mazzucconi
Executive Director FASTER

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