The model for effective meetings in hybrid and remote environments.

What made us develop



of staff´s working time is spent on strategic or high-priority tasks.

WorkPuls survey, 2020


The governance of organizations is packed with meetings, redundant committees, and low-value tasks each day, devouring agility and leading to overload and stress for teams and individuals.

Unnecessary meetings devour both human energy and organizational agility.

The Model

We combine Agile and Lean to create transparency, alignment and synchronization for governance with effective meetings.

The stages of the program

A program developed in 5 stages

Some of the RESET principles for effective meetings are


A meeting is only necessary when there is a clear outcome to be achieved,

for example, making a decision based on several well-defined scenarios using data.


Managers do not attend meetings to be debriefed on work done,

but to understand how confident employees/teams are in achieving objectives.


People need to attend meetings only if they have a clear responsibility

before, during and after the meeting.


PowerPoint is never ever a basis for decision making

and if used, it should be as concise as possible, in one-page format and with figures that help us to make decisions.


In the meetings, there are facts and data to be discussed

transparently and with radical honesty, avoiding politicking.


Standard meeting time should be 15 minutes,

not one hour.


Meetings are meant to make decisions that change the future,

not to report on the past.


Internal communication should be delivered through open channels, not emails.

The Impact

a new reality.

Change the meetings in your organization, forever.

I'm convinced RESET has helped the team take a break, step back and consciously organize committees and meetings efficiently to streamline the way we work and focus on delivering value to the business.

Berta Escudé 

HRBP Digital Hub & Supporting Functions, Unilever

For me RESET has been another step towards empowering the team and at the same time achieving more frequent communication as well as a reduction of meetings in my agenda.

Eva Cilleros 

Head of Customer Service, Unilever

RESET has helped us to streamline both our personal and the team's agendas, as it has 'forced' us to stop and analyze our day-to-day, making us think about which committees and ways of interacting are most meaningful to us. This has helped us simplify as well as optimize our work and empower the team to pull in the same direction and focus on what is most relevant to have a decisive impact on the business.

Alex Ritter 

Head of Supply Chain, Unilever

RESET has been a key tool to maximize the efficiency of our agendas, creating the necessary space for us to focus on priorities. The implementation of RESET has allowed us to identify those meetings and events in our daily work that are essential to achieve our objectives, relying on the team feedback sessions and guidelines of the method, Applying this methodology has been key to operate more efficiently and put the necessary focus on those activities that really add value and generate a positive impact on the company.

Anna Clerigues

Demand Planning Manager, Unilever

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