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A cultural change through PEAK®, ActioGlobal's transformation model, which in less than a year has allowed Unilever to focus their objectives, incorporate agility into their DNA and immediately respond to the new needs of their customers.

“I neither could nor wanted to work the way I used to.”

Jerome du Chaffaut
General Manager of Unilever Spain

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How has ActioGlobal's PEAK®
impacted Unilever?

Jerome du Chaffaut
General Manager of Unilever Spain

PEAK®, ActioGlobal’s transformation model, has granted us three key benefits:


First, within one year, PEAK® has given us a lot of agility and the capability to adapt. It has set a common rhythm for the company. An extreme agility that allows us to pivot, change and adapt to create value and satisfy our consumers and customers.


Second, there is this focus on impact. In large companies like Unilever, with many categories and many channels, lots of projects are carried out but not all have a relevant impact.

Thanks to “OKR,” Objectives and Key Results, every week we have been able to refocus our company on what really matters. This has been the key to success.


Third, it´s the capability to always look ahead to the future. We always talked in the past, always looked for excuses and reasons, discussed for hours. Thanks to PEAK® and ActioGlobal, we now look to the future and consider what actions are needed to make a real impact and satisfy our customers and consumers.

"If I had to invest in this transformation again, I would do it again. No doubt."

Jerome du Chaffaut
General Manager of Unilever Spain

“Accompanied by ActioGlobal, we have moved from the past into the future.”

Jerome du Chaffaut
General Manager of Unilever Spain

What is the before-and-after balance for Unilever with ActioGlobal?

Jerome du Chaffaut
General Manager of Unilever Spain

I don’t even want to remember how we used to work before. The before at Unilever was like a big elephant, with a lot of strength but less speed. This year, together with ActioGlobal, we have succeeded in adopting the agile culture to the entire company. This has been a huge challenge, because it is one thing to learn and change the mindset of the Managment Board, but to change the mindset of 400-500 people, that’s a completely different significant magnitude.

We have achieved a dramatic change of culture. As I see it, PEAK® is more than a way of working or a tool, it´s a tremendous cultural change.

It´s almost a miracle to see how we have moved - accompanied by ActioGlobal - from the past into the future.

I can't imagine ever returning to our former way of working. I neither could nor wanted to work the way
I used to.

I am considering the next steps, the goal is to finish the cultural transformation and, thanks to the evolution of the whole system, enhance the empowerment of the teams, simplify decision making to gain efficiency. To get all Unilever talents to perform the PEAK® routines at the highest level, so that they themselves will be able to make all the decisions they need to make.
Nikki Parkins
Agile & PMO Lead Digital 4 Growth, Unilever

"All members of the ActioGlobal team have been fantastic collaborators on our agile journey. From always being open to our feedback and ambitions, to being constant challengers, we’ve worked together in 2021 to create a significant step up to the way in which we define, prioritise and communicate our goals. We’re now running regular Quarterly Business Reviews, have full transparency over our Objectives and Key Results, and we’re getting these sharper and more transparent with every cycle. ActioGlobal have been valued coaches, collaborator and inspiring influencers, and have set us on the right path through their amazing guidance, framework and continuous support."

Daniel Utrillas
Head of Digital eCommerce B2C, Unilever

"Thanks to LEAD, we have achieved results that we had never even considered before. LEAD has helped us orient multidisciplinary teams towards the same ambitious goal, which is big, stimulating and has an impact on our consumers. LEAD has allowed these multidisciplinary teams to self-organize week after week, making the key actions to achieve this ambitious goal happen. Whenever there have been obstacles that could not be managed by the team, we have asked for help from the Sherpas, who have given the teams a response in record time and in a way that is remarkable for an organization of our size. Thinking big, greater focus and impact, flexibility, speed, self-management and growth are some examples of what LEAD and ActioGlobal have given us."

Beatriz Cifuentes
Strategy Project Manager, Unilever

"Since we implemented the LEAD program at Unilever, priorities are much better aligned with objectives that are clear and consistent across all levels. We have gained agility by putting business, action and content above form (from long PowerPoint presentations with unclear actions to a weekly "glidepath" in Excel that not only covers everything important, but also divides it into " stages," quantifies and quickly highlights risks and opportunities). We have learned to work efficiently within departments, to break down silos and compartmentalization, and to ensure that the objective is the outcome, not how it is achieved."

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