Teamwork techniques

Together we are strong – a plea for teamwork Hardly anyone doubts that teamwork techniques are important. However, we cannot claim that everyone knows how to do it right. When conducting Lean transformation processes, we – ActioGlobal – are well aware of the importance of teamwork. This is because its performance is directly proportional to […]

Toyota in Five Verses of High-Performance

For months I´ve wanted to share one of the latest messages that Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota, addressed to everyone in his organization.   Now at last, with this article I take the opportunity to analyze what I consider authentic management poetry, in verses without rhyme, but with the rhythm that moves the best organizations […]

Gemba or accelerating collective innovation

In High-Performance Organizations, leaders share their working time together with the people (employees, teams) at the place where they create value for other people (customers). That place, which is located in different places in the organizational value network, is the Gemba.   Lean Management, as a philosophy that defines the mindset, action and learning model […]

Develop Leadership in Your Company. Start a tranformation

«An extremely rare asset in today´s business is leadership. A leadership capable of transforming organizations the sustainable way to win in an increasingly competitive and changing world.»   A.G. Lafley´s opinion – given in the process of transforming Procter & Gamble, jointly with that of many other great leaders and institutions – alerted us more […]

The Toyota Way

The Toyota Way: the secret of a High-Performance Organization A High-Performance Organization continuously achieves maximum customer satisfaction, delivering financial and non-financial results. This Toyota Way is the secret to outperform huge companies and, at the same time, the key to generate profits and prosperity for the company. And also to satisfy shareholders, employees and society’s […]