Development of High-Performing Talents

We train our clients' leaders and collaborators to become High Performance Teams.

We are not certifiers of theory in classroom trainings,

we are transformers of habits and routines of innovation and execution in the Gemba, where theory meets tough reality.

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If you want to make a difference in your company,
change the Feedback culture.



“We have a lot of people certified in Agile, but nothing has changed.”
“We still think and work as we did 10 years ago.”
“Everyone has their own way, and there's no collaboration or teamwork.”
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Tell you about our way of transforming

ActioGlobal first guided us through an implementation of Lean, which helped us stop hiding problems and start looking for continuous improvements. From that point on, ActioGlobal supported us progressively to move towards an Agile organizational structure, which helped us unite the team, get closer to the customer and, above all, learn and iterate continuously to incorporate improvements in our service.
Consol Casablanca
Global Client Services Director, Welocalize
Thanks to ActioGlobal we have discovered that the building and development of self-organizing teams is the core of Agile. It allows us to place the customer at the center and make everyone work towards a common goal. It's about breaking with the historic linear process and working in a way that makes every project and every objective a moonshot.
Farnés Linares
Business Improvement Manager, Havas Media
Working with ActioGlobal has been a turning point and a qualitative advancement in the culture of our staff. Not only because they have imparted technical knowledge to us but also "ways of doing" and "ways of thinking" of proven effectiveness.
Roberto Aristi
General Manager, EDSCHA SPAIN & MEXICO (Gestamp)

New world.
New work.
New talent.


Radical Candor Feedback

We train organizations using Radical Candor, the method for creating a culture of intelligent communication, where people are committed to give and receive better feedback (based on radical honesty) transforming it into a tool for growth, learning and organizational innovation.

Agile HR

We empower HR professionals to learn and apply the most effective methodologies of Agile, Lean and exponential organizations so that they can accompany their teams in building leading companies, capable of delivering increased value to customers and society in a sustainable way. Our Agile HR program, with which we collaborate with leading companies such as the Unilever Group throughout Latin America, focuses on improving the cohesion and involvement of teams, helping them to continuously self-organize, innovate and learn.

Working Remotely

Using specific methodologies for remote work and digital tools such as Jira, Trello, Planner from Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, Miro or Monday, among others, we activate the execution and collaboration routines of both management teams and teams at all levels. Our methodologies, proven in more than 25 organizations working at 100% remotely, allow maintaining a pace of innovation and sustainable work in achieving the objectives by achieving levels of commitment, collaboration, involvement and performance superior to traditional work onsite.


We create game-based experiences, in physical or digital environments, to maximize the impact of training programs as well as business processes. To accomplish this, we use different technologies such as virtual, augmented or mixed reality, among others. Through immersive programs, we multiply the impact of learning, with a high degree of awareness and knowledge of the concepts developed, whether in training marketing or sales processes.

Employee Journey

Through our own methodology eXperience® we transform the life cycle of our clients’ collaborators. With eXperience®, we synchronize the cultural development that we conduct in the companies with the vibrant touch points of each of the segments of employees at any of their points of contact with the company’s culture. Among others, on-boarding, learning, career development, conflicts, training, promotions.

Individual Development Map

We enhance the knowledge and skills of our clients through visual maps of self-knowledge and personal development. Starting with a digital assessment, we develop the behavior and communication profile with a totally personalized itinerary. The individual development map of ActioGlobal allows each person to obtain greater knowledge of themselves and their relationship with others in various situations to improve their communication and improve skills such as empathy and leadership. Furthermore, each person can learn about their natural way of behaving and reacting, to develop their strengths and the key communication points they need to follow the right path and achieve personal and professional success.

High Performance Coaching

We facilitate High Performance Coaching processes to professionals to empower their talent and help them achieve success. Accompanied by their coach and through our High-Performance People model, we eliminate internal obstacles and focus on actions that help the person develop to his/her fullest potential. Through training, together with their coach and with the use of specific psychological tools, the person reflects on his/her current situation and then prepares and executes a detailed action plan, schedules over time, to prioritize and implement actions that lead them to the desired situation, boosting his/her self-confidence, improving his/her emotional management and providing them with specific habits to achieve goals and develop a mental attitude of self-improvement and continuous learning.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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If you desire to shape the future, through Agility, Digitalization and High Performance then let´s make it come true – together.