Digitalization and integration of Exponential Technologies

We make data and collective intelligence work

We digitalize work processes and cultures

through the integration of digital solutions and the tailored development of digital technology. We make data and collective intelligence work for learning, innovation, collaboration and effective decision making

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The future is shaped
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“We haven't found a consistent Product-Market Fit. No results are coming in.”
“We don't use digital tools. We only work for them.”
“We have a lot of data available but do not use them to learn about our business and make effective decisions.”
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Tell you about our way of transforming

More and more people are talking about exponential technologies and how business models are changing. Agile methodologies are already a must, but the idea of only introducing scrum or kanban has nothing to do with it just as digital transformation is not only about introducing technology. ActioGlobal made us understand the true nature of Agile and digitalization as well as how to implement them in an effective, tangible, sound, and sustainable way. No doubt, ActioGlobal you ARE a REAL team, with capital letters. Thank you so much for teaching us!
Ana Reyes
Innovation and Knowledge Management, Agües de Barcelona
ActioGlobal is our partner, our fellow traveller in the digitlization process of the Marriott Group's hotels. Thanks to ActioGlobal we are increasingly focused on our customers, we are more effective, more sustainable and more profitable. Without their professionalism, pragmatism, dedication as well as their continuous encouragement, this transformation would not be possible.
Ilona Baranowska
Manager of European Operational Innovation, Mariott International
At Angelini we are learning and growing exponentially by each of the iterations we´re doing in our digital transformation we call PLAY. Not everything is feasible when we talk about digitization and ActioGlobal knows how to make things happen. Thanks to our partner we are going throuh a real evolution, a real cultural transformation. A change of mindset based on Agile principles and truly effective digital tools; and all is accompanied by the greatest humanity and sense of humor.
Ana Villaverde
HR Director, Angelini Pharma

Digital is not about
a department.



Together with our clients, we embark on digital transformation journeys that allow them to reach the future of their industries, ahead of their competitors. Together, we create a roadmap that integrates cultural, organizational and operational development. Through the development of these areas, we place digital technology, collective intelligence and artificial intelligence in the service of more agile collaboration and effective decision-making.

Digital Maturity Model

We help our clients enhance their awareness and commitment to the critical points, strengths and opportunities related to the digital transformation in their organization. We execute this process through our PLAY model, which is triggered by the assessment of digital maturity, focusing on four key factors for the success of digitalization: culture, technology, organization and knowledge.

Agile Digital Marketing

We remove the traditional silos that exist between marketing, sales and the rest of the organization. We focus the application of digital marketing and sales marketing, integrating inbound marketing, social selling, ABM and inbound sales, in a cycle around the satisfaction of customers, consumers and users. We accelerate this cycle by integrating our proven experience with Agile practices to create digital systems with multidisciplinary teams that put the company’s key people in charge of the customers. This makes all teams work in sync on the shared mission of attracting, interacting and delighting customers, as well as creating and nurturing a growing number of “fans and evangelists” of the organization’s products, brands or services.


We create game-based experiences, in physical or digital environments, to maximize the impact of training programs as well as business processes. To accomplish this, we use different technologies such as virtual, augmented or mixed reality, among others. Through immersive programs, we multiply the impact of learning, with a high degree of awareness and knowledge of the concepts developed, whether in training marketing or sales processes.

Working Remotely

Using specific methodologies for remote work and digital tools such as Jira, Trello, Planner from Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, Miro or Monday, among others, we activate the execution and collaboration routines of both management teams and teams at all levels. Our methodologies, proven in more than 25 organizations working at 100% remotely, allow maintaining a pace of innovation and sustainable work in achieving the objectives by achieving levels of commitment, collaboration, involvement and performance superior to traditional work onsite.

Implementing Digital Dashboards

We digitize the company’s operational, tactical and strategic dashboards to speed up decision making and provide all teams with the information and data necessary to have an impact on clients, consumers and users. With the digitization of dashboards, we facilitate, among others, the integration of knowledge from finance, sales, marketing, operations and customer service areas.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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