We digitalize work cultures through the implementation of digital technology for learning, innovation, collaboration, and decision making.

We digitalize with an impact

We approach the digital transformation as a journey of cultural, organizational and operational progress of an organization, towards a New Work driven one with digital technology and artificial intelligence integrated wherever they provide a distinctive value. Where digitalization makes an impact.


How was your partnership with ActioGlobal?

At Angelini we are learning and growing exponentially by each of the iterations we´re doing in our digital transformation we call PLAY. Not everything is feasible when we talk about digitization and ActioGlobal knows how to make things happen. Thanks to our partner we are going throuh a real evolution, a real cultural transformation. A change of mindset based on Agile principles and truly effective digital tools; and all is accompanied by the greatest humanity and sense of humor.
Ana Villaverde
HR Director, Angelini Pharma
ActioGlobal is our partner, our fellow traveller in the digitlization process of the Marriott Group's hotels. Thanks to ActioGlobal we are increasingly focused on our customers, we are more effective, more sustainable and more profitable. Without their professionalism, pragmatism, dedication as well as their continuous encouragement, this transformation would not be possible.
Ilona Baranowska
Manager of European Operational Innovation, Mariott International
More and more people are talking about exponential technologies and how business models are changing. Agile methodologies are already a must, but the idea of only introducing scrum or kanban has nothing to do with it just as digital transformation is not only about introducing technology. ActioGlobal made us understand the true nature of Agile and digitalization as well as how to implement them in an effective, tangible, sound, and sustainable way. No doubt, ActioGlobal you ARE a REAL team, with capital letters. Thank you so much for teaching us!
Ana Reyes
Innovation and Knowledge Management, Agües de Barcelona

Digital is not about
a department.

Transforming from strategy to execution


Business model and proposition


Digitalization and integration of Exponential Technologies


Strategy and System of objectives & key results OKR


Building Agile Teams


Building an Agile Business System


Development of High-Performing Talents


Leadership Development


Sales Growth


Innovation and Kaizen


Exponential Organizations


We develop customized programs, systems and models to create digital work cultures. Read about some of our most recent developments:

Digital Enterprise System
for Hazisa

Processing of 1500+ control signals from the entire production system.

A 100% digitization and automation of the quality management, finance, maintenance and operations interfaces.

Gamification of the production performance system.

Digitization of the company’s operational, tactical and strategic control panel.

Digital Maturity Model for a Public Services Company

Co-development with the innovation and learnings management and 50 leaders of the organization.

Digital maturity assessment model focused on the self-assessment of 170 teams distributed throughout the organization.

Development, based on the results, of 4 key factors for the success of digitalization: culture, technology, organization and knowledge.


The developments with the most
impact for our clients:

Digital Health Check: Maturity Evaluation Models

Digitisation of customised digital processes and systems

Implementation of Digital Dashboards

Implementation of remote work methodologies and systems

Digital gamification platforms for learning and performance management

Virtual Reality for high-impact digital training

Digital Marketing for Exponential Growth Acceleration

ECommerce to respond to consumer demands

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence to transform data into outcomes

Digital Sales to boost sales and customer loyalty

Industry 4.0 to develop agile and efficient supply chains

Metaverse stands for the genuine digital transformation.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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