Organizations more agile, adaptive and competitive companies.

We apply Agile to transform

our customers' businesses into High Performance Organizations: more agile, adaptive and competitive companies.

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“We are certified in Scrum but beyond the panels, Jira and the post-its, nothing has changed”
“I think that under the label "Agile" we have put autonomy at the service of the silos, and we are less and less effective in collaborating”
“We have used Agile for 10 years, but we are neither more agile nor more effective, nor more adaptable”
“We have Agile teams but they live in a parallel reality to the day-to-day business and customers. We find it hard to see their impact”
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Tell you about our way of transforming

I can honestly disclose, due to 20 years of leadership in digital companies, that I haven't ever been so effective like in these days while I am using the PEAK framework and the support of ActioGlobal. Moving the needle for real creating value at every Gemba, doing it in the fastest way possible, with a broad consensus from the people who are working with me... well, this is a real luxury!
Giuseppe Pasceri
CEO, Subito
Through the implementation of PEAK, ActioGlobal has had the key part in this new phase of Segundamano to transform into a true High-Performance Organization, aligning the objectives of the teams with those of the organization, creating self-organized teams with increased responsibility and achieving the agility necessary to respond to the needs of our customers and users. For me as the CEO it´s highly valuable to be in weekly contact with each team, to see their progress and to be able to help them solve obstacles.
Ariel Eduardo Cilento
CEO, Segundamano
Since we started collaborating with ActioGlobal I have experienced a transformation as profound as I've never seen before in my career at Adevinta and Schibsted. Within a few quarters an alignment and a clarity have already been created that would have been impossible to accomplish without the experience and commitment of the ActioGlobal team. I consider myself privileged to witness and actively participate in this transformation. In addition to learning a boatload from highly competent people, I am helping my company to be much more effective in achieving results. I recommend ActioGlobal to any company that aims to increase their impact and success in business.
Sergio Visinoni
VP of Product and Engineering for Global Markets and New Models, Board Member of Willhaben GmbH & Co KG, Adevinta
ActioGlobal has helped us comprehend how to incorporate the best Agile practices used today by leading companies around the world step by step. What I value most about this experience is the practice-oriented and facilitating approach, away from dogmatism or inflexibility. This approach enabled me to deepen my understanding and reflect on the way how to transform our organization to meet the challenges in an increasingly complex and changing context.
Xavier Budet
Value Chain Director, la Sirena

This is the Agile way of working
of one of the most valued companies in the world. 


Business Agility

With our experience of more than 150 transformations in 32 countries and 23 sectors, we develop systems of Enterprise Agility based on Agile and Lean work cultures, tailored for our customers and driven by digital tools. Some examples of these systems that have been highly successful are PEAK Agility Danone, PEAK at Adevinta, LEAD at Unilever Spain and LATAM, PLAY at Angelini, TEAM at Idneo, IWS at Grifols, KAIZEN at Aigües de Barcelona or IMPROVING at Adam Foods, and many others.

LEAN Enterprise

We transform organizations, focusing their entire organization on Agile Teams, organized in Value Streams, dedicated to creating value for customers, and eliminating waste in each and every stage of their processes. Through our model successfully deployed in organizations such as the Canon Group, the HARTMANN GROUP, DKV Seguros, Autoliv, and many more, Flow to Value becomes an organizational priority at all levels.


We empower HR professionals to learn and apply the most effective methodologies of Agile, Lean and exponential organizations so that they can accompany their teams in building leading companies, capable of delivering increased value to customers and society in a sustainable way. Our Agile HR program, with which we collaborate with leading companies such as the Unilever Group throughout Latin America, focuses on improving the cohesion and involvement of teams, helping them to continuously self-organize, innovate and learn.

AGILE Organization Structure

We develop your organizational structure by applying our methodology, proven in the development of more than 150 transformations, involving more than 3200 self-organized teams. To achieve this, we focus on the design, growth and development of high performance team networks and the best practices of Agile, Lean Startup, Lean Management, and Exponential Organizations in different sectors.

AGILE Maturity Model

Our X model, which has been developed by using feedback from organizations and leaders around the world, measures a company’s level of maturity in relation to Agile pillars, which we have proven to be the foundations for achieving agility, high performance and high customer and consumer satisfaction
1. priorities focused on delivering value to the consumer, 2. self-organization and high responsibility, 3. network collaboration, 4. continuous adaptation, 6. radical transparency, 6. technical excellence, 7. systemic innovation, 8. continuous delivery, 9. feedback and learning, and finally
10.- Drumbeat: sustainable cadence

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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