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Future of work
in pharma

Olga Insua and Jonathan escobar talk about how Angelini and ActioGlobal together are shaping the future of work.

Olga Insua

General Manager at Angelini

Jonathan Escobar

CEO at

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"With ActioGlobal's PEAK® way of working the magic happens: self-organized teams work towards common objectives, define their own OKR and are guided by the leadership team, which does not interfere with their responsibilities but helps them, side by side, to unblock obstacles and achieve success."

Olga Insua

General Manager at Angelini

4 drivers to shape the future of work


Purpose and progressive focus on outcomes

An appropriate framework must be created to make the Massive Transformative Purpose come true. We establish a successful operating system to make purpose and strategy become reality. With our OKROS® (OKR Operating System), goals are synchronized bottom-up and top-down. This mutual setting of objectives enables identification and makes sure that both company and its people meet their objectives, achieve meaningful outcomes and win their victories.

Ecosystem of
self-organized teams based on freedom and responsibility

Hierarchy is history, network organizations are the new normal. Our methodology, proven by the development of more than 3200 hybrid multidisciplinary self-organized teams, focuses on designing, building, growing and developing high performing teams.
Everyone at each level is empowered to innovate, collaborate, to share knowledge in order to work self-organized and accountable as well as to be creative and innovative.
Flexibility is enhanced. Finally, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


Agile governance based on fast learning and adaptation

Leaders and their people feel the heartbeat of the organization together. We call it the “Drumbeat”. It’s about alliance and partnership. Expertise is distributed among the people, synchronized autonomy makes them more flexible and unleashes them towards agreed outcomes and be innovative at the same time. We make the new company culture listen to the Drumbeat of synchronized rituals that provide transparency, learning
and adaptation.


Knowledge to grow and deliver outcomes in a Phygital World

We make the most of digital technologies and modern media combined with the principles of Future of Work. We empower companies to implement phygital Future of Work.
Companies bet more and more on decentralization, their people are dispersed all around the world but still in direct contact with the customer and each other. Leaders and teams need to have an unrestricted ability to sense and respond to a wide array of situations
with abundant proficiencies.

We don't have clients. We have fans.

”We have achieved a dramatic cultural change. From my point of view, PEAK® is more than a way of working or a tool, it´s a huge cultural change. It´s almost a miracle to see how we have moved – accompanied by ActioGlobal - from the past to the future. I can't imagine ever returning to our former way of working."

Jerome du Chaffaut

General Manager at Unilever Spain

"PEAK® by ActioGlobal has helped us a lot. Above all, we have been able to make decisions much more quickly, much more detailed, and in each marketplace we have responded to the changing needs of our users.”

Gianpaolo Santorsola

Executive Vice President at Adevinta

"ActioGlobal´s four PEAK® axes have helped us focus on how we can be more agile, how we can respond faster, how we can be more efficient to make more collaborative and results-focused decisions, that is, they have helped us prioritize, collaborate, execute together and learn."

Paolo María Tafuri

COO at Danone Africa

Recognitions for our ways of working

Awards for the ways of working co-created by ActioGlobal together with leading companies all around the world.

"Digital Talent"

"Healthy Company Award for HR and Self-Sufficient Teams"

Expansión* Awards for Innovation in HR

XIV Morgan Philips-ABC Award

The Revolució 4.0. Award of Catalunya Ràdio

XII Edition of the Cegos Awards

JULY 19TH AT 18:00H

Future of work
in pharma

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