An Exponential Organization (ExO) is one whose impact is disproportionally large – at least 10x larger – compared to its peers due to using new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating digital technologies.

Rather than using armies of physical assets, ExOs are built upon information technologies that take what was once physical in nature and dematerialize it into the digital, on-demand world.


Rather than using armies of physical assets, ExOs are built upon information technologies that take what was once physical in nature and dematerialize it into the digital, on-demand world.


Exponential organizations develop a massive transformative purpose (MTP). The MTP in exponential organizations is placed above the vision and mission representing the reason why the organization exists. Along with MTP, there are 10 fundamental characteristics that distinguish ExOs. The first five focused on the external environment and correspond to the acronym SCALE, the next five focused on the internal environment and are aligned with the acronym IDEAS :

1. Staff on demand

2. Community and Crowd

3. Algorithms

4. Leveraged Assets

5. Interfaces

6. Interfaces

7. Dashboards

8. Experimentation

9. Autonomy

10. Social Technologies


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Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st.



“Our clients ask us for changes, and we either don't respond or we respond after we already lost them.”
“Our processes are designed to meet the checklist of each department not to meet the needs of our customers.”
“The client here is only important when it comes to PowerPoint.”
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How was your partnership with ActioGlobal?

Since we started collaborating with ActioGlobal I have experienced a transformation as profound as I've never seen before in my career at Adevinta and Schibsted. Within a few quarters an alignment and a clarity have already been created that would have been impossible to accomplish without the experience and commitment of the ActioGlobal team. I consider myself privileged to witness and actively participate in this transformation. In addition to learning a boatload from highly competent people, I am helping my company to be much more effective in achieving results. I recommend ActioGlobal to any company that aims to increase their impact and success in business.
Sergio Visinoni
VP of Product and Engineering for Global Markets and New Models, Adevinta & Board Member of Willhaben GmbH & Co KG
Our organization has grown from 12 to over 100 people in the last 6 years. To maintain our ability to be proactive and adapt to the market with our products, we tried different structures and processes to plan, execute and evaluate our performance, but we did not find the solution until we started working together with ActioGlobal to establish PEAK in Hungary. PEAK is a perfectly crafted cultural development model that can be adapted to any organization and helps achieve extraordinary results. PEAK makes it possible for all teams to work together, but at the same time innovate in a self-organized way, to achieve the company's goals. Working together effectively is the only way to survive and grow even more, especially today when all things have changed! PEAK is the perfect tool you need for your organization!This project has caused a spectacular motivation in our team and in our professionals. Thank you ActioGlobal, for your dedication, involvement, accessibility and empathy with people.
Géza Palocsay
General Manager, Jófogás
The great professionals of ActioGlobal have given us the possibility of transforming our start-up into an Agile High-Performance Organization capable of responding to the changing environment. After an immersion into what exponential organizations are, we have "suffered" a change of mentality and vision that is helping us to develop objectives and execute the next steps to achieve them. We are really grateful!
Tania Fernandez Navarro
Co-founder, Criogene

Disruption gave no warning neither to Nokia nor to Kodak. Do you think it will warn you?


ExO Sprint

We accelerate our clients’ transformation through both a high-intensity and high-impact program focused on achieving the disruption of the organization’s immune system. The program has two parallel axes: The first one, Core Stream focuses on innovation considering external disruptions in the industry without changing the existing business model (this is to avoid triggering the immune system reaction). The second one, Edge Stream focuses on disruption (protecting it from the status quo of the existing organization). The evolution of both axes is synchronized to achieve a holistic and sustainable result.

Purpose Launchpad

We empower those who dare to shape the future, “the next”, through the methodology that Màrius Gil of ActioGlobal, has helped to develop along with 150 other contributors from around the world. Through Purpose Launchpad, we have developed eight axes of iterative evolution – Purpose, People, Customers, Abundance, Sustainability, Processes, Product and Metrics – that have the objective of changing the mindset of leaders and developing organizations that grow exponentially, driven by a purpose of massive transformation.

ExO Assessment

We help our clients detect the immune systems that prevent their companies from growing at exponential speed. Through a proven methodology and the sector expertise of experts in ExOs, we analyze the status quo of the features that distinguish exponential organizations, through a process that involves the key people to drive the transformation of the organization on its own.

Exponential Entrepreneurship

We promote startups to sustainably win in their markets. We integrate the methodologies of ExOs as well as the best practices of Agile and Lean Startup to (in)validate their business models and (re)build them to find the value propositions that delight their customers, consumers and users. We do so with the experience of having accompanied dozens of both well-established organizations and startups for two decades, and with the evidence that the success of a company does not depend on one factor but on the conscious and systematic development of them all.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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