Incorporate talent, skills, and experience to drive your organization's growth.

We support you in realizing your objectives with the help of high performing talent.

ActioGlobal provides Interim Management services to help you meet the changing challenges of today’s world and have the best talent available at any time.

This model allows companies to integrate capabilities and proven experience to drive growth, innovation, disruption, digitization, and business results through the incorporation of high-performing professionals and executives. They will be part of the organization for a limited time to achieve clearly defined objectives.

The professionals we onboard through Interim Management are focused on making an impact and achieving results, instead of simply doing and reporting.


Why implement Interim Management
in your company


Experienced professionals in your field are ready to start the project within a few days.


Highly qualified professionals, experts in their fields who will add value from the very first moment.
Orientación a resultados

Results orientation:

Professionals engaged and focused on achieving the objectives in the given time.
Transferencia de conocimientos

Knowledge transfer:

Professionals who add their extensive experience to the company. They optimize the value and quality of the team.


An external point of view that allows objectivity in analysis and decision making.
Costes variables

Variable costs:

Cost determined over a pre-agreed period. No impact on HR lines, use of differentiated budgets per project.

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to help you succeed.


Our solutions
This talent acquisition model can be resorted to in any business situation.
For a better illustration, we divide the scenarios into two main groups:

Scenarios critical for Management

Unexpected absence of a key function holder, a state of restructuring and change, mentoring of managers, critical gaps in resources, project management, cost reduction, new production lines, optimization of critical functions or processes, lack of core competencies.

Scenarios critical for development

Development of new business units, evaluation of new markets, introduction of new technologies, strategic project management, M&A management, crisis management, development of new business models, interim management of emerging companies.

New Work

Discover the way to an organization of the future with ActioGlobal's Interim Management service. Join the New Work trend, the work methodology of the future that you can already realize in your organization.


Our way of working


We work together with our clients as a unique team throughout the different stages of the process.


Defining the project or mission: objectives, challenges, deadlines, and budgets.


Defining the profile of the required interim manager. Experiences, skills, and competencies.


Identifying the appropriate professional. To ensure maximum fit with project needs, our professionals are selected by three criteria: functional experience, personal competencies as well as knowledge of your industry.


Presenting the profiles to our client with our evaluation and recommendation.


Coordinating interviews and support to the client's decision. The professional can start the project immediately. We assume contractual responsibility, ensuring strict compliance with all legal obligations.


We monitor the project throughout its entire lifecycle to ensure smooth and transparent communication and, in the event of any discrepancies, rapid problem resolution.

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