High Performance Education
Lessons from those crazy little people

This article is different. It’s different from what we have published so far in our blog, yet it captures the spirit of all our articles of the past months.

Our secret love is education – for all. Making educational High-Performance come true rewards us with moments that rewrite our paradigms and support us in our obsession to unlearn in order to relearn faster and faster.

This year again, we experienced moments of personal transformation, during which we got back more than we had given, when these crazy little people once again taught us much more than we could have taught them.

Usually, we never write about the conversations that happened in our professional day-to-day life. However, on this occasion we cannot help but share five of the many lessons these young people taught us, the fruits of their experiences and beliefs.


We are convinced that each of the lessons they shared can help us to reflect and to gain many insights. We are their loudspeaker to make their words heard:

Lesson #1

For a good working relationship and teamwork, each of us is responsible for making our own square meter an example and helping others, whenever they need it, so that their square meter can set an even better example than ours. Empowered self-organized teams and Servant Leadership anticipated.

Lesson #2

When we don’t take responsibility ourselves, how can we ask others to take responsibility? How can they know about this foundational aspect of role modeling in Leadership? Maybe it’s because they have more common sense than some of the grown-ups and leaders in High-Performance organizations.

Lesson #3

When we compete, we compete to win, not just to participate. We can only compete to win when we do so with the utmost respect for the capabilities of each of our teammates, with the utmost respect for our opponents and with the pride of being involved. Have you ever watched young people competing? They give it all, they are determined to deliver value to the team and achieve victories. They focus on the outcomes. 

Lesson #4

When we believe that a behavior deserves to be pursued, we don’t start calling out loud and demanding that everyone follow it. We simply pursue it and try to inspire and motivate others to follow it as well. Again, how can they know about this simple aspect of High-Performance leadership?

Lesson #5

Teamwork begins with self-responsibility and self- discipline. The foundation of Agile self-organized teams. Discipline makes agility.


We believe in the future shaped by these crazy little people when they will have been grown up and started their professional career but have kept their juvenile mindset and spread it among the organizations.

It´s not about Lean, it´s not about Agile, it´s neither about High Performance nor Digitalization – it´s simply about honesty and respect. 



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