Innovation and Kaizen

For two decades we have been hacking processes based on obsolete and infected innovation funnels.

To fix this problem,

we have set up co-creation systems determined to deliver real value to customers in the short, medium and long run.

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Innovation without impact is merely
an intention.



“We innovate in PowerPoint, but nothing significant ever reaches our clients.”
“On paper, everything holds up. Our innovation is lost in the execution.”
“We fall in love with our ideas, not with the needs of the clients.”
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Tell you about our way of transforming

More and more people are talking about exponential technologies and how business models are changing. Agile methodologies are already a must, but the idea of only introducing scrum or kanban has nothing to do with it just as digital transformation is not only about introducing technology. ActioGlobal made us understand the true nature of Agile and digitalization as well as how to implement them in an effective, tangible, sound, and sustainable way. No doubt, ActioGlobal you ARE a REAL team, with capital letters. Thank you so much for teaching us!
Ana Reyes
Innovation and Knowledge Management, Agües de Barcelona
ActioGlobal has conveyed their experience to all levels of our organization with commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance. We had to make a change of Mindset, more digital and far from the habit we had grown into by the time. With ActioGlobal, we have achieved transparency, empowerment and growth of the people who are part of Angelini, improving our alignment and teamwork. We have certainly increased our speed,without losing the rigor and, above all, we have learned to focus on what is important to our customers, increasing our level of ambition.
Marta Jornet
Head of Prescription Medicines BU, Angelini Pharma
We needed to make a significant change in leadership capabilities at Danone and collaborating with ActioGlobal was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Their ability to understand our needs, our corporate culture and context, along with their determination to deliver a tailored solution, has been cruial to delivering a solid and sustainable result. At ActioGlobal, they understand culture as a key part of strategy, and empower people to evolve and learn high performance methodologies that will enable them to achieve sustainable results. Working with them has challenged us to find better solutions and has raised the standard of what we expect from our partners. No doubt, they are a guarantor of success for any project.
Arantxa García
South Europe Transformation Manager, Danone

The future is shaped
in real time.


Lean Startup

We develop the organizational capabilities to make innovation a reality through (un)validated learning. Through scientific experimentation as well as a series of counter-intuitive practices, we shorten development cycles by measuring real feedback without resorting to vain metrics and by learning continuously with clients. Through lean startup, we crash the innovation roadmaps or funnels designed to control creativity and limit experimentation. On the contrary, through our DrumbInn® methodology for Lean Startup we implement innovation routines that synchronize the experimentation of self-organized teams and allow companies to (in)validate their vision, continuously transforming their products or services to lead in their markets.

Design Sprint

We expedite learning and collaboration with clients through Design Sprints programs. In these one-week programs, we help high-performance teams answer their crucial questions on an innovation project through rapid prototyping and customer-integrated experimentation. We have incorporated all of our knowledge in product design and development, business strategy, innovation and ‘behavioral science’ into this program.

Trend Mapping

We drive innovation through our Trend Mapping® methodology. It has enabled organizations in sectors such as finance, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, retail and digital to understand the fundamental needs of their users, customers or consumers, the emerging changes in their preferences, the drivers of those changes as well as the key players. With Trend Mapping®, we focus on defining the innovation needed to meet both the fundamental requirements and the ongoing changes in their preferences.

Agile Project Management

We guide teams to develop their capacity for continuous learning, iteration and adaptation through our GREAT® methodology that merges the most effective practices of Scrum, Kanban, Lean Product Development and other methodologies coming from organizations such as Google or Netflix. We have developed the GREAT® framework to help teams transform their project objectives into sprints through a Discovery&Delivery Dual Track process.

Lean Product Development

We increase the capacity for innovation and product development in organizations through our OKROS® methodology focused on product development by integrating the best practices of Lean and Agile.

OKROS® has been adopted by more than 3200 self-organized teams around the world to transform their way of execution and innovation to enable them to meet the real needs of users, customers and consumers.

Our own Lean Product Development methodology makes the teams work end-to-end, integrating suppliers and customers to really deliver projects and products that meet their objectives.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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If you desire to shape the future, through Agility, Digitalization and High Performance then let´s make it come true – together.