Leadership Development

We transform management boards and committees into High Performance Teams.

We are not consultants,

coaches, lecturers or certifiers of theory in training rooms. We are transformers for behaviours and actions that lead to results.

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High Leadership



“We are a committee of department heads. We neither think nor act as leaders of our company.”
“We lead by individual agendas, not by common purpose.”
“Our lack of alignment creates chaos and distrust in the organization.”
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Tell you about our way of transforming

The experience with ActioGlobal has been the trigger that made the whole organization change its way of thinking and working, and has allowed us to develop new projects with the human capabilities unleashed after the optimization process carried out together.
Iago Méndez
Supply Chain Director, AB-Biotis
The biggest challenge we have faced in recent years has been to achieve extraordinary performance and quality goals, industrializing them in an exceptional period of time and with a team of mainly young, inexperienced members. We would not have been able to meet this challenge without the new High-Performance Management Model we implemented. One year later we are proud of the work done. Thank you ActioGlobal for helping us to lay the foundation of this great work."
Alejandro Castilla
Technical Director, Vice President Deutz Business School, DEUTZ Spain
With ActioGlobal we managed to accomplish a complete cultural change, through Lean, which has allowed us to share objectives, improve results and exceed our goals. Thanks to this transformation, we grew together as a team and each of us has developed professionally and personally. Today, at Medgon, we are happier on the job.
Estíbaliz González
CEO, Medgon

We do not simply have clients. We have fans.


PEAK CODIⓇ - High Performance Leaders

We develop executive teams, working both on their distinguishing attributes and on their individual and collective dysfunctions until they become high-performance teams. Based on the lessons learned in the development of the Management Committee (CODI) role in more than 150 business transformations, we do the transformation by using different integrated techniques, focused on the development of self-awareness, mutual trust, cohesion and above all, alignment, communication and organizational development routines that make a high-performance management committee different.


We develop leaders’ capacities to promote autonomy, trust and collaboration of their teams using highly effective tools for self-knowledge, delegation and team development. Along with this program, we implement a 360º Health Check system for leaders to improve through continuous feedback from their teams.

OFF-SITE Bootcamps

We develop tailored off-site programs to facilitate high-impact learning experiences for management and leadership teams. We use the off-site programs as integrated interventions in transformation processes with visible development changes in the short and medium term. Each program is designed and executed to obtain specific and measurable results over time, focusing both on the individual action of each leader and on the synchronization of the whole group.

High Impact Communication

We help our clients’ leaders to turn words into action. Our communication programs focus on developing the mindset and capabilities to effect positive change around them through communication. That is why we integrate the most effective communication tools into their daily work to achieve the development of their collaborators and teams, always in line with the transformation of the organization.

Coaching for Executives

We conduct high-impact executive training processes for leaders and executives of leading organizations. Accompanied by a highly specialized coach for each need, and through our High-Performing Executive Model, we eliminate internal obstacles and focus on actions that help develop the leadership impact of each executive. As a result of the training with the coach and the proper use of the psychological tools required for each situation, the professional can transform his/her initial situation through a visible change in behavior that enables him/her to achieve the expected results.

Individual Development Map

We enhance the knowledge and skills of leaders through visual maps of self-knowledge and personal development. Starting with a digital assessment, we develop the behavior and communication profile with a totally personalized itinerary. ActioGlobal’s Leadership Development Map provides each professional with a better self-knowledge and also a better understanding of his/her relationship with others in different situations to improve communication and enhance skills such as empathy and leadership. In addition, each leader can analyze his/her natural way of behaving and reacting in different contexts to enhance his/her strengths and develop the key communication points he/she needs to follow the right path and achieve the expected personal and professional development.

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