Lean is a business philosophy and strategy, driven by work, innovation and learning systems that aim to create the knowledge necessary to deliver superior customer value and performance.

In perfect synchronization with Agile, Lean Startup and the practices of Exponential Organizations, it stands as the cornerstone of High Performance Organizations to achieve maximum agility, competitiveness, responsiveness and adaptability and to cope with both changing market and consumer conditions. Its success depends primarily on having all levels of the organization, from management to the frontline, improve their way of thinking, acting and innovating each day to place the customer at the center and eliminate all organizational waste for which the customer will not pay for.


Of the activities that are carried out in the processes of pre-lean companies do not add any value for the client or bother the client.


To eliminate such situations, we developed IBSⓇ Integrated Business System, a Lean Enterprise System that we have implemented all over the world, in multinationals such as HARTMANN GROUP or CANON. IBSⓇ has been developed and improved over the last ten years in collaboration with experts from TPS (Toyota Production System) and Toyota Way as Jeff Liker and HPO (High-Performance Organizations) as David Hanna. IBSⓇ Integrated Business System is focused on responding to three fundamental axes:


Purpose and Prioritization:

What requirements of the clients have we not met? Where do we need to focus and prioritize to achieve this?


How do we reach a way of working to focus everything we do on customer satisfaction and eliminating everything that does not add value in a systemic and consistent way?



How do we ensure that each process has a self-organized, responsible team capable of continuously self-improvement in line with the customers’ needs?


Our key results worldwide.

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The 14 most impactful Management principles in history.



“If we do nothing, in 2030 we will be nothing but a memory”
“We live off the inertia of ten years ago. They've all passed us by and we haven't even noticed”
“We act like we're in a monopoly and if we don't change, we'll die of monopsony”
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How was your partnership with ActioGlobal?

This was the first project in which we have applied LEAN. ActioGlobal's support has been essential, since no one in our team had LEAN knowledge to use the appropriate resources and achieve the maximum value for the patients. The training sessions have been very practical and we have been able to apply the "theory" and practice in a parallel, agile and very entertaining way. This project has caused a spectacular motivation in our team and in our professionals. Thank you ActioGlobal, for your dedication, involvement, accessibility and empathy with people.
Dr. Ana Álvarez Díaz
Head of the Pharmacy Service. Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, Madrid
After many years of working in different sectors and environments, it is reassuring when you can always count on the help and support of a reference in the Lean environment like ActioGlobal with their clear approach to concepts and result orientation.
Jordi Roselló
Managing Director, Comsan
Thanks to the perfect combination of theory and practice, ActioGlobal's program has helped me to settle myself in the new context of exponential change. After this experience I will be able to manage the current and future complexity with confidence, having acquired the necessary mindset and Agile tools to manage uncertainty. I will certainly implement everything I have learned within my company.
Alberto Lozano
Plan Manager, Florette
ActioGlobal's guidance in impoving and optimizing processes in the Pharmacy Service has marked a before-and-after in our management. Firstly, by helping us to focus on a rational use of resources, eliminating waste and, above all, because it has been the starting point for a cultural change through "Lean" which has allowed us to grow as a team and always work in pursuit of excellence in our service.
José Manuel Martínez Sesmero
Innovation Manager, Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy
Our experience with the ActioGlobal team has been very positive. They have accompanied us in improving our entire management system and also in understanding and effectively applying the innovation sprints "Design Sprints". Personally, their support has helped me to accomplish the transformation of the organization. This project has caused a spectacular motivation in our team and in our professionals. Thank you ActioGlobal, for your dedication, involvement, accessibility and empathy with people.
Victor Frías
Co-Owner and Executive Director, Frías Nutrición
The transformation of the processes, in the people and in the organization of Hispanofil, besides developing our staff and strengthening us as a team, has improved the confidence of the customers in our company. All this is enabling us to overcome the crisis caused by Covid-19 faster and with better results than our competitors. Thank you ActioGlobal, now we are AGILISTS!
Alberto Martínez Cuevas
Managing Director, Hispanofil

Transformations without PowerPoints.



Nuestro sistema de Lean Enterprise, IBSⓇ Integrated Business System, ha sido implementado con gran éxito en organizaciones de todo el mundo, entre las que se encuentran multinacionales de diversos sectores como HARTMANN y CANON GROUP.

En España, hemos desplegado IBSⓇ en empresas como DKV, Adam Foods o Natra.

IBSⓇ ha sido desarrollado y enriquecido a lo largo de los últimos diez años en colaboración con expertos de TPS (Toyota Production System) y Toyota Way como Jeff Liker y de HPO (High-Performance Organizations) como David Hanna.

IBSⓇ como sistema de Lean Enterprise cubre todos los bloques necesarios para la transformación de una organización desde la estrategia hasta la ejecución.


With our experience of having implemented LEAN in over 30 healthcare organizations, we certainly know how to apply LEAN to transform healthcare organizations: hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, day care centers, and residential care facilities

For two decades, we have succeeded in improving the quality and safety of patient care, reducing waiting times, tests, analyses and results, standardizing hospital processes, optimizing current resources (equipment and materials), reducing malfunctions and increasing availability, eliminating non-value added actions and increasing value activities, saving space and reducing inventories by increasing the commitment and motivation of all healthcare staff.


We boost the capacity for innovation and product development in organizations using our methodology OKROS® focused on product development combining the best practices of Lean and Agile.

OKROSⓇ has been adopted by over 3200 self-organized teams around the world to transform the way execution and innovation have to be performed to meet the real needs of users, customers and consumers.

Through our own methodology of Lean Product Development, the teams work end-to-end involving suppliers and customers to achieve projects and products that fulfill their objectives.


With our experience applying LEAN in both multinational hotel groups such as Marriott (Ritz Carlton, Sheraton, W hotels, St.Regis, Le Meridien, Renaissance, AC) and local groups such as Golden Hotels, we know how to leverage LEAN to radically improve the customer experience as well as to improve the back-office operations of the hotels.

For two decades, we have succeeded in improving service standards for guests, transforming internal processes and flows, enhancing attention and speed of response to guests, accelerating personalization so that hotels can adapt to the changing needs and preferences of people during their stays with them.


We develop the organizational capabilities to make innovation a reality through (un)validated learning. Through scientific experimentation as well as a series of counter-intuitive practices, we shorten development cycles by measuring real feedback without resorting to vain metrics and by learning continuously with clients.

Through lean startup, we crash the innovation roadmaps or funnels designed to control creativity and limit experimentation. On the contrary, through our DrumbInn® methodology for Lean Startup we implement innovation routines that synchronize the experimentation of self-organized teams and allow companies to (in)validate their vision, continuously transforming their products or services to lead in their markets.

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