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Ideas, discussions and actions of leaders who are shaping the future of work.

To this podcast, we invite leaders who rise each morning to shape the next and challenge the well-established. We believe that business leadership is the most powerful force on the planet to impact change at scale. And we are convinced that we have to make that impact all together.

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  • AG04.

    Christine Doig-Cardet, Director Product Innovation at Netflix. Decoding what’s behind the most admired business cultures in the world.


    Enterprise Agility Business Growth and Servant Leadership with Jeni Hall, VP Beauty & Personal Care Africa at Unilever.
  • AG02.

    Web 3.0, liderazgo y activos digitales por Alfonso Gómez, CEO de BBVA Suiza.


    Transformación cultural y liderazgo en la era digital, por Gianpaolo Santorsola, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Adevinta.


    Welcome to Impact Leaders by ActioGlobal®


Shaping Data-Driven Dream Teams.
Christine Doig-Cardet
Director Product Innovation at Netflix.

“We talk about the Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, and we talk about these individual people as leaders. But I would like to see more stories about the Dream Teams, the Barça of Guardiola equivalent and the business setting where you're not valuing one individual, but how they all work together to accomplish those goals.”

In this episode of Impact Leaders, Jonathan Escobar talks with Christine Doig-Cardet, currently the Director of Product for Personalized Experiences at Netflix. She has spent her career at the intersection of data science and product in a variety of industries. At Netflix, Christine leads the company’s efforts to improve the customer experience through personalization. She loves bringing together the Art & Science of Design & Data to build impactful user experiences powered by the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. She can frequently be found giving talks and workshops at conferences and meetups.

Christine spends her time between Austin and Barcelona, where she grew up and earned her M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. She also holds a postgraduate certificate in Quantitative Methods for Financial Markets and Data Science from the same university. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and German.



Enterprise Agility Business Growth and Servant Leadership
Jeni Hall
VP Beauty & Personal Care Africa at Unilever.

“Africa is such an exciting continent to work in, it's a very young continent with lots of growth opportunities and such a blessing to be able to work in this business.” In this episode of Impact Leaders, Jonathan Escobar sits down with Jeni Hall, VP Beauty & Personal Care Africa at Unilever Africa. Jeni has worked with Unilever since 1989 and has held several positions of high-responsibility in South Africa, Ghana, Russia and Singapore. Among others she was leading Unilever´s Marketing Transformation “Connected for Growth” across Africa. Jeni shares her experiences of 33 year being a leader in one of the biggest fast moving consumer goods companies in the world and implementing ActioGlobal’s PEAK Way of Working to drive results, work with cross-functional teams, break silos, implement ActioGlobal´s OKR Operational System as well as Servant Leadership - all this on a continent like Africa with its many different cultures. “We don´t know what´s around that next corner, but if you go to Leadership Team, and your team who are in the market stay to deliver the results partnering with you to bring their very best to the business, that is why I would do this journey again and again and again because you're actually creating a completely different way and a different eco-system of performance.”

“Radical Candor is probably the most underestimated opportunity in business.”

“Why would you want to embark on this journey? We can´t afford to have teams who are not showing up and showing up with all the creativity and all the curiosity. And you can create an environment where you know that the teams are showing up and you´re getting the best out of them. Then I think it´s the best opportunity for any business to create a future -proof strategy,”



Web 3.0, liderazgo y activos digitales. Cómo capitalizar la tecnología y ponerla en manos de los clientes.
Alfonso Gómez

“Lo que viene es la web 3.0. Y la web 3.0 lo que va a revolucionar no es la información; lo que va a revolucionar va a ser cómo se interactúa y cómo se intercambian activos o servicios".

En este episodio de Impact Leaders conversamos con Alfonso Gómez - consejero delegado y CEO de BBVA Suiza desde 2014– sobre los retos que comporta la gestión del liderazgo en un sector altamente regulado como el financiero, las claves del posicionamiento de Suiza en el mundo, y las palancas necesarias para convertir BBVA en el primer banco Tier 1 de la Eurozona que opera con criptomonedas, y que permite a sus clientes invertir y combinar los activos financieros tradicionales y digitales en una misma cartera de inversión.

“Uno de los grandes retos que tiene BBVA en el siglo XXI es intentar capitalizar la tecnología y ponerla en manos de nuestros clientes para que puedan aprovecharla”.

Liderazgo, motivación, talento, inquietud, responsabilidad, capacidad de ejecución, libertad, aprendizaje, disciplina, integridad, innovación y tecnología, te esperan en este episodio de Impact Leaders by ActioGlobal.



Transformación cultural y liderazgo
en la era digital.
Gianpaolo Santorsola
Executive Vice President Adevinta

"Si crees que la transformación cultural es algo que puedes delegar y olvidarte de ello, entonces ya ni la empieces, porque vas a fracasar".

Gianpaolo Santorsola es el Vicepresidente de Marketplaces Europeos y miembro del Management Team Global del Grupo Adevinta, la empresa de clasificados digitales más grande del mundo, con presencia en 16 países. Solo en España, Adevinta cuenta con un equipo de 1.100 profesionales y 6 marketplaces referentes (Fotocasa, Habitaclia, Infojobs, Coches.net, Motos.net, y Milanuncios).

En este episodio de Impact Leaders, Jonathan Escobar (CEO de ActioGlobal), reflexiona junto a Gianpaolo Santorsola sobre los retos y oportunidades, presentes y futuros, de las empresas digitales; el tipo de talento que busca una empresa como Adevinta; las claves para transformar una organización digital, el poder de la transparencia en el cambio, y cómo impulsar una nueva forma de diálogo y un liderazgo transformador, desde el feedback basado en radical candor y el empoderamiento de los equipos.

Si quieres conocer las palancas que están permitiendo a Adevinta operar de forma exitosa en el mundo digital, cómo está llevando a cabo una transformación cultural de alto rendimiento, no te pierdas este episodio AG001 de Impact Leaders by ActioGlobal.



Welcome to Impact Leaders by ActioGlobal®

Personas valientes, Líderes que han creado mejores organizaciones.

En este episodio te contamos, a través de la mirada de su CEO, Jonathan Escobar, cómo ActioGlobal® se asocia con líderes en más de 32 países para crear organizaciones capaces de crear lo nuevo y desafiar lo establecido.

Líderes que serán los invitados de Impact Leaders. Personas que cuestionan todo lo qué se debe transformar en el mundo, para el bien de todos.

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