Strategy and System of objectives & key results (OKR)

Almost two decades ago we got tired of strategies that were only supported by PowerPoint.

We have accompanied more than thirty organizations

to develop strategies focused on transforming the day-to-day execution of all their teams and collaborators.

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Without an operative system, OKR is just another nice Silicon Valley idea.



“We don't share priorities. We waste a lot of time reviewing strategies and plans that don't help us win.”
“We agree when we are in a meeting, but as soon as we leave each area has its own agenda and we do not collaborate.”
“We spend more time talking than executing, and what we execute has nothing to do with what we've agreed upon.”
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Tell you about our way of transforming

The world of Agile, OKRs and remote collaboration is very wide and complex, with many theories, easy to disseminate but difficult to apply. ActioGlobal has provided me with tools to transfer the methodology of the OKRs into practice and to enhance the application of the theory. Very comprenhensible and highly recommended!
Montse Dinarès
Finance Director, Grupo Montcau
Thanks to the design and implementation of both the system of objectives and of decision making done together with the ActioGlobal team, our company has been able to start its important growth. Today, the people are more motivated, the teams develop continuously and the different business units focus on providing value to customers, which undoubtedly guarantees the sustainability of the Mecacontrol Group.
Ignacio Alvarez
CEO, Grupo Mecacontrol
I had used Agile in software development, and it was clear to me that scrum helped us develop projects and manage tasks. ActioGlobal has enabled me to see a more holistic, more strategic approach to Agile. From defining goals by OKR to organizing them in multidisciplinary teams enabling them to contribue to the same overall goal. We have discovered a much more profound Agile.
Silvia Rabanal
COO, Havas Media

Prioritization is an organizational habit, not a once-a-year workshop.


Strategy and Strategic Execution

Based on our experience of having partnered with more than thirty organizations to develop their strategies, we have created our LEAD to WIN methodology, which integrates the best techniques successfully implemented in leading organizations. Through this methodology, the strategy is translated into a strategic system of Agile alignment and dialogue that defines the performance of all teams in the company, with operational, tactical and strategic review week by week.


We accompany companies in the implementation of an operating system that allows a maximum effective OKR system. Through our OKROS framework, OKR Operating System, we have developed more than 3200 self-organized teams, which daily manage more than 5600 real time business metrics. The OKROS system allows teams to translate their OKR into iterative ideas and execution sprints through a Dual Track Discovery and Delivery process, making OKR a system with impact on business results.

Agile Heartbeat

We create governance and organizational synchronization systems that maximize the self-organization and impact of an organization built on high-performance teams. Our Agile Heartbeat model, called Drumbeat, aligns strategic, tactical and operational rhythms and dependencies to achieve maximum synchronization and impact from a network of self-organizing teams, usually operating remotely.


We increase strategic alignment, in combination with OKR and our Agile Heartbeat, through bottom-up, top-down routines of objective-focused learning and continuous process improvement. Through the practices we learned directly from senseis, meaning teachers, at Toyota, we have multiplied learning and collaboration capabilities in leading organizations around the world.

High Performance Routines

We activate the routines of execution and collaboration of both the management teams and the teams at all levels, to maintain a rhythm of innovation and sustainable work in achieving the objectives. Through a system of rituals around the Weekly Direction Settings and Daily Management Systems, the teams follow a Plan-Do-Check-Act process aimed at maximizing impact and continuous learning.

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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