In 2001, at the peak of their global expansion and after more than ten years of development and twenty versions, Toyota eventually defined the "Toyota Way".

It comprises their founding values and all the failures, successes and lessons learned during more than fifty years of applying the Toyota Production System, initially in their operations, and subsequently in all areas of the organization, from finance to sales to R&D, purchasing, marketing, HR etc. The “Toyota Way” is not just a model. It’s not just a strategy. It’s not a definition of cultural principles. It’s neither a set of methodologies nor of business principles. The “Toyota Way” is a holistic framework that integrates and synchronizes the best models, strategies and methodologies into a set of values and ways of working, it is what makes Toyota a High Performance Organization.


We developed IBSⓇ Integrated Business System, a Lean Enterprise system, which has been implemented worldwide in multinationals such as HARTMANN GROUP or CANON. IBSⓇ has been further developed and improved over the last ten years in collaboration with experts of TPS (Toyota Production System) as well as Jeff Liker for the Toyota Way and David Hanna for HPO (High-Performance Organizations). When developing IBS®, we integrated the core values of the Toyota Way:

Challenge – focus on realizing a vision or an ideal even if it might seem impossible.
Kaizen – evolution, continuous improvement, renewal and continuous innovation.
Genchi Genbutsu – go to the source, observe and understand what lies beneath the obvious surface of the matters.
Respect – mutual trust as the basis for interactions between people.
Teamwork – development based on achieving collective objectives.


Our key results worldwide.

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These are the 14 principles that spell out high performance



“We spend hours on end in meetings discussing the reality our teams already know about.”
“Here a few think, and the others execute.”
"Our company regards change and evolution as an enemy”
“The leaders don't trust their teams. The teams don't trust their leaders.”
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How was your partnership with ActioGlobal?

At Siemens Gamesa, after feedback from other ActioGlobal clients, we decided to launch a productivity improvement project to increase the plant's manufacturing capacity. The new way of working was quickly internalized by the team and it didn´t take long for them to see he results. Once the improvement was achieved, we followed the work philosophy and obtained additional improvements that allowed us to compensate for other new market requirements (exponential change) that were negatively impacting our productivity. Due to a change in demand, we are currently replicating part of the methodology deployed with ActioGlobal, so we will definitely work closely together again in the future to transform our processes, team management and improve our competitiveness in this global setting.
Roberto González
Plant Manager, Lerma Siemens-Gamesa
After more than 10 years working with ActioGlobal in several different companies, I am convinced that they are the best option to lead a complete transformation of the operating culture of an industry into a safe harbour. From my point of view, the key to the success of a company like this lies in the consolidation and sustainability of the changes taking place and this is something inherent in ActioGlobal's DNA. There is no speculation about deadlines and the transformation programme is tailored to the needs of each case, adapting it to the starting situation, priorities, strategic plan, ... Good work and I trust I can count on you as a partner in the coming years.
José Luis Esteban
Plant Manager, Natra
After many years of working in different sectors and environments, it is reassuring when you can always count on the help and support of a reference in the Lean environment like ActioGlobal with their clear approach to concepts and result orientation.
Jordi Roselló
Managing Director, Comsan

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