To shape New Work driven companies, we qualify our clients´ leaders and collaborators to build High-Performance Teams. We are not certifiers of theory in training classrooms, we are transformers of habits and routines of innovation and execution, where theory meets tough reality.

We qualify with an impact

We develop customized corporate training programs to achieve long-term impact at all levels of the organization.


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Scrum Training to achieve agility?

High-Impact Events and off-site Bootcamps

We develop customized corporate training programs to achieve long-term impact at all levels of the organization.


How was your partnership with ActioGlobal?

Kendu has always been a company in continuous development but for that big jump in our growth the collaboration with ActioGlobal is crucial. We have been surprised by their ability to understand the the company reality and to look for ways to make an impact from the first moment, instead of spending months in projects until the results are seen, as other consulting firms do.
Álvaro Cabrera
CEO, Kendu
A year ago we began working with ActioGlobal on the great challenge of changing the way we work. Today, after several months of intense work, I am very proud to see how this new cultural system has managed to bring together and give a logical shape to all the initiatives we were carrying out to gradually change our mindset from outputs to outcomes, using OKR, and other Agile methodologies within the ActioGlobal PEAK framework.
Juan Elías
Director General, Yapo
The program "from GOOD TO GREAT PROJECT MANAGEMENT" that we developed with ActioGlobal has helped us to achieve a significant and lasting cultural change in Danone, in the field of innovation management, helping us to share the same principles and the same way of working in project management, understanding the expectations of all people involved. The tools and capabilities of ActioGlobal have meant a differentiated training, focusing on the skills of each person to benefit the whole team.
Laure Burtin
R&I Director South Europe, Danone


The programs with the most impact for our clients:

Agile Business Certification:

Designing the Agile Transformation for your organization

Digital Agile Bootcamp - Remote

Agile for agility and high performance

Exponential Organizations:

How to create and scale Exponential Organizations


The objectives system of leading organizations

Design Sprints:

Innovating like Google

Radical Candor:

Feedback system of leading organizations

Development of Agile high-performing equipment lean culture by Márius Gil

de Alto Rendimiento


HR as a driving force of the Agile transformation

Agile Leadership - Management 3.0:

Leadership to realize the Agile Organization

Agile sales & agile marketing:

Agile to get more customers, and at the same time increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customer journey:

Putting customers and consumers at the centre

Scrum – Kanban – Scrumban:

Agile methodologies for the self-organization of teams

Exponential Sprints:

Creating the next disruption in your market

Startup Growth & Acceleration:

STARTUP GROWTH & ACCELERATION: Keys to create, scale and sustain exponential business models

Agile by using
Teams and Trello

Effective remote working

New business challenges, unprecedented business perspectives.

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