Lessons from experimenting with Toyota TPS at the Gemba


I’ve been privileged to live and sense the Toyota Gemba many times. At the Toyota Gemba, TPS (Toyota Production System) is the way people ‘think and act’ – in all aspects of the business. Its objective is to meet evolving customer needs by increasingly developing capable and engaged people.  By practicing and reflecting with senseis, […]

Deliver value to your customers: innovation and service

Organizations all too often decide first what their business strategy to create value will be. That is, what markets they will focus on and what products they will make. And only after that, they seek for the innovation to support it. But, it should be exactly the other way round. To decide on the right […]

High-Performance Communication: The 4 C’s to achieve it

comunicación efectiva

No matter what approach or size an organization has, communication is often singled out as an area for organizational improvement on the way to High-Performance. Strangely enough, this deficiency has survived for decades and is more than ever on the agenda of steering committees. This is the paradox: In an era in which sharing information […]

High-Performance Healthcare; high quality healthcare

Healthcare – like many other sectors – is in a process of transformation. A social transformation that has an impact on culture, systems and the use of technolog. Moreover, it has the ultimate aim of improving the quality of medical care for each patient. This is how how High-Performance Healthcare is making its own revolution. […]

Outcome-driven teams: the power that outperforms hierarchy

Cultura agile ActioGlobal

Modern times require the revision of organization charts as well as a reshaping of the way of working into outcome-driven teams The predictable and linear setting in which companies could afford to operate like an assembly line is long gone. Nowadays, corporations are forced to adapt to new scenarios with the highest possible degree of […]