FLOW, the Kick of High-Performance


Let’s illustrate how High Performance Organizations should NOT be like. The curtain opens… …teams working on repetitive, mechanized tasks, with predictable results, no collaboration between departments, no connection with the customers, no innovation and while doing their job the team members think about changing the course in their careers…” The title of the play? I, […]

Driving self-reflection and Agile transformation


Paradigms simply are psychological patterns, models, maps that help us not to lose direction in our life. Our paradigms can be useful and helps us develop our teams can even be life-saving if we make appropriate use of them. And this is something we can talk about thanks to our experience in Agile transformation. However, […]

The Revolution of the Organizations: a reflection on the Future of Work

ActioGlobal Consulting

History has always been a history of revolutions. Welcome to the revolution of the organizations. According to Satya Nadella, the current market does not respect tradition; what it does respect is innovation. The ability to adapt has to be our greatest strength – and even more so in the current situation – as it will allow us […]