Lessons from experimenting with Toyota TPS at the Gemba


I’ve been privileged to live and sense the Toyota Gemba many times. At the Toyota Gemba, TPS (Toyota Production System) is the way people ‘think and act’ – in all aspects of the business. Its objective is to meet evolving customer needs by increasingly developing capable and engaged people.  By practicing and reflecting with senseis, […]

Deliver value to your customers: innovation and service

Organizations all too often decide first what their business strategy to create value will be. That is, what markets they will focus on and what products they will make. And only after that, they seek for the innovation to support it. But, it should be exactly the other way round. To decide on the right […]

Gemba or accelerating collective innovation

In High-Performance Organizations, leaders share their working time together with the people (employees, teams) at the place where they create value for other people (customers). That place, which is located in different places in the organizational value network, is the Gemba. Lean Management, as a philosophy that defines the mindset, action and learning model of […]