Gemba or accelerating collective innovation

In High-Performance Organizations, leaders share their working time together with the people (employees, teams) at the place where they create value for other people (customers). That place, which is located in different places in the organizational value network, is the Gemba.   Lean Management, as a philosophy that defines the mindset, action and learning model […]

Culture Eats Artificial Intelligence for Breakfast

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining importance, and along with its development, there is a democratization of its use in organizations.  For more and more companies, artificial intelligence is no longer an alien but an ally. This is reflected in the latest reports, most relevantly the survey of NewVantage, in which more than 65 leading companies […]

Work on remote: some tips for a smooth change

The practice of remote teams has increased significantly in recent years. Companies of all sizes have discovered the benefits of telecommuting. However, despite the advantages of this working model and considering that the technology required for implementation is within reach in all companies, it is still not applied on a large scale.  At present, due […]