The Customer is Boss


When A.G. Lafley became the CEO of Procter and Gamble, he sent a strong message to his direct team and to the whole organization strategy: he said that their real boss wasn’t him, their manager or the shareholders. Their real boss, according to Lafley’s words, was the customer, and he would work to help anyone […]

The Revolution of the Organizations: a reflection on the Future of Work

ActioGlobal Consulting

History has always been a history of revolutions. Welcome to the revolution of the organizations. According to Satya Nadella, the current market does not respect tradition; what it does respect is innovation. The ability to adapt has to be our greatest strength – and even more so in the current situation – as it will allow us […]

10 Leadership Mantras to Make Agility and High-Performance a Reality in Your Company

At Actio Global, we had the good fortune to learn from renowned leader, Isao Yoshino about The Managers Role at Toyota. Within these learnings we recognized many of the pillars that continue to sustain our Leadership development practice in high performance organizations over the past fifteen years. These pillars are: 1. Bad news first! If […]