OKR: The Formula for Agile Organizations

Without clear objectives Agile is good for nothing. Until we implemented Agile to transform organizations around the world, experience had taught us that traditional project and objective management methodologies did not deliver the expected outcomes. In repeated diagnostics conducted in leading organizations over the last decade, we found that More than 60% of the projects […]

Coaching for High Performance: Leaders develop leaders

Inspired by Fujio Cho, I learned from Toyota’s leaders their model of high performance coaching. The model is based on the core principle of leadership development to create the next generation of leaders. Eventually, after deploying the approach in different cultures and business environments, it has proven to be the most effective among the many […]

FLOW, the Kick of High-Performance

Let’s illustrate how High Performance Organizations should NOT be like. The curtain opens… …teams working on repetitive, mechanized tasks, with predictable results, no collaboration between departments, no connection with the customers, no innovation and while doing their job the team members think about changing the course in their careers…” The title of the play? I, […]

On leaders: once upon a time there was human resources

Let’s talk about human and team development and (Agile) talent, work culture, the mission of work, and how leaders behave within HPOs (High Performance Organizations). These reflections will concern you, no matter whether you are a CEO, manager, department head, team leader or hold any other function the HR department has chosen to indicate your […]

Learning Organizations are High Performance Organizations


I recently ran into someone I’ve known for years. She is the director of Human Resources of an important company that is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of machine tools and learning at international level. As on all previous occasions, we talked about our work, the markets, the difficulties, and like always we came to […]

The courage to give up


«Resilience is the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change and keep going or choose to give up in the face of adversity, so we emerge stronger, wiser and more able». I’m inspired that “choose to give up” is included in this definition of resilience. Choosing to give up can be stigmatized in […]