The seven deadly sins
in strategic planning

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A.G Lafley has been recognized as the most successful CEO in the history of Procter&Gamble. At the beginning of all strategic renewal processes, he used to recall the seven deadly sins in strategy. With his messages, he put an entire multinational of more than 100,000 people on creative alert for the first of the three […]

Focus Your Strategy on Winning

Sometimes we make strategy much more complicated than it really is. This is because we fail to take a holistic view of the strategy in consulting and organizations and make the necessary decisions at the right time. Actually, this is a business tragedy, since the strategy is geared precisely to this: make decisions, be focused […]

VUCA Environments and how to manage them


It seems incredible that in only four months the world of organizations has changed so much. So much that many companies are questioning their own existence. This is because of what we call VUCA environments. Meanwhile, they have stopped asking themselves questions like that:  how can we increase sales by 15% this year? Is there […]

When Your Agile Routines Are Wasted


It has been frequently reported on the Daily Management System (DMS) routines, and their power for people and teams. Let´s focus in this article one of the fundamentals of the DMS in each organization, the Daily. Daily is the term that refers to the routine that a team defines and improves continuously in an autonomous […]

The two principles that drive Agility and High Performance

Achieving Agility and High-Performance (both at the same time) has never been the result of a change process, a roadmap, a transformation program or whatever similar approach you can imagine in these days. However, Agility and High-Performance has a lost has a lot to do with how you evolve your way of thinking about the […]

Exponential Mindset #SHAPETHENEXT


It’s an exponential world In modern times, we are currently witnessing a steady disappearance of companies one might have thought being in good health. These are organizations that lack of the so-called «exponential mindset». In fact, within less than a century, the life expectancy of large corporations has fallen by more than 50 years. From […]

Implementing Agile in Production

Implementing Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, 6 Sigma, World Class Manufacturing and even models of excellence such as EFQM have allowed thousands of companies around the world to generate profits and overcome all kinds of adversities in recent decades. Production, led by the automotive industry, has been the mirror for other sectors to look at, such as […]

Takt Time – the customer sets the pace

In their book Lean Thinking, James Womack and Daniel Jones talk about Lean Management as a system based on 5 pillars: Identify value for customers Analyze the flow of value Create flow in operations Work with Pull Flow systems Apply Continuous Improvement Every single pillar is, more or less, customer oriented. Therefore, the question to […]

The Revolution of the Organizations: a reflection on the Future of Work

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History has always been a history of revolutions. Welcome to the revolution of the organizations. According to Satya Nadella, the current market does not respect tradition; what it does respect is innovation. The ability to adapt has to be our greatest strength – and even more so in the current situation – as it will allow us […]