Toyota in Five Verses of High-Performance

For months I´ve wanted to share one of the latest messages that Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota, addressed to everyone in his organization.   Now at last, with this article I take the opportunity to analyze what I consider authentic management poetry, in verses without rhyme, but with the rhythm that moves the best organizations […]

10 Leadership Mantras to Make Agility and High-Performance a Reality in Your Company

At Actio Global, we had the good fortune to learn from renowned leader, Isao Yoshino about The Managers Role at Toyota. Within these learnings we recognized many of the pillars that continue to sustain our Leadership development practice in high performance organizations over the past fifteen years.   These pillars are: 1. Bad news first! […]

Looking for Agile leaders for a future of exponential change.


This quote leads the quarterly publication of Elsevier dated December 2.018, titled: “Leadership for organizational adaptability: a theoretical synthesis and integrative framework” The publication focusses on one of the biggest challenges leaders are facinge today: The study takes us into a leadership model of exponential adaptability, or Agile leadership, which may seem somewhat confusing for […]

The Power of Leadership at
High-Performance Organizations


The power of leadership at High-Performance Organizations is found in the essence of Servant Leadership, the alternative approach to the “default” model most common in society until now: The Command and Control Leadership Model. Taking a look at it, we may even better understand what Servant Leadership means and why it needs to be the […]