The 3 Brake Blocks when Starting Up any Transformation<br>Chapter III: Laziness.

la transformación

Arantxa García Fernandez  Danone South Europe Transformation Manager Well, supposing we have eventually overcome not only inertia, but also our fears: We feel confident to do what needs to be done. This prompts the next question: Do we really want to, do we have the ambition, the power and the courage to embark on a […]

The 3 Brake Blocks when Starting Up any Transformation <br>Chapter II: Fear

una transformación

Arantxa García Fernandez  Danone South Europe Transformation Manager Let’s assume that we have been able to get off the hamster wheel and realize that something needs to change. The second paralyzer of a transformation that comes our way is fear. When faced with a perceived threat, three possible responses occur in animals and people: fight, […]

The 3 Brake Blocks when Starting Up any Transformation<br>Chapter I: Inertia.

Transformación, transformation

Arantxa García Fernandez  Danone South Europe Transformation Manager The law of the conservation of energy states that matter is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed. The same is true for companies; everything that defines them (their way of working, their culture, their values, etc.) is in continuous transformation, whether they like it or […]

The Keys behind the Culture of Agile High-Performance Organizations

In our mini-series on corporate culture we have been publishing during the last weeks in our blog, let´s discuss today a fundamental question: What is it that makes a company an Agile High-Performance Organization? Of course, applying agile principles and following the HPO Framework of the 5 factors Quality of Management  Openness/Action Orientation Long-Term Orientation […]

Two Rock-Solid Beliefs to Shape the Future of Work and Business

The History of Work and Business   Let’s start with a flashback to the origins. Before the Industrial Revolution, most manufacturing work was done by small organizations of talented and mainly perfectly trained crafts people. They really “owned” their entire businesses, did whatever needed to thrive and depended on it to survive. After the Revolution, illustrated […]

NEW WORK Rules – How Google and its people evolve the best version of themselves

New work rules

It’s neither their colorful logo, the Googleplex state-of the art building, its attractive courtyard nor the extravagant bicycles for the staff that make their employees happy, it´s Google´s continuous (r)evolution towards New Work. That´s what makes Google both one of the most sought-after places to work and the #5 among the global top 100 companies […]

Pere Barnola joins ActioGlobal to consolidate the firm’s international expansion and accelerate the development of the Digital Technologies Hub.

Pere Barnola

Global presence, digitalization, and high-impact leadership have become key capabilities for companies striving to transform themselves to still lead in the future. Pere Barnola joins ActioGlobal to advance these capabilities with our clients by integrating digital technology and best practices from High Performance Organizations to drive the growth of our clients’ businesses. Currently, companies need […]

To Lead or to Shape the Next?<br>A Leadership Transformation

Leadersship Transformation

The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.” Seth Godin Of course, you are an expert in your business and know what the future should look like for your organization. Of course, you have created a vision. But how can you […]