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20 January 2021

OKR – The Key to Agile Strategic Synchronization

First things first: This article is about strategy. The choices we make are the very core of strategy; therefore we will start with challenging ourselves to […]
7 October 2020

Teamwork. Has your company not understood the lesson yet?

Many years ago a school trainer invented a game called boxing basketball to improve teamwork technique. He put a bucket full of boxing gloves in the […]
20 August 2020

Phygital Agile Framework
2. OKR

KEY – 2 PRIORITIZE THE NEEDED OUTCOMES Here, we turn our attention to Objectives and Key Results, (OKR) a mechanism synchronizing the social/technical behaviors keeping your […]
6 August 2020

Culture Eats Artificial Intelligence for Breakfast

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining importance, and along with its development, there is a democratization of its use in organizations.  For more and more companies, artificial […]
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