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18 October 2021

Radical Candor:
Feedback for Agility and High-Performance

Every Agile High-Performance Organization is backed by a healthy feedback culture.Radical Candor is an excellent tool for this purpose.
10 October 2021

The new world is phygital.
The new work is hybrid.

Why transform your company's culture to an Agile Hybrid Work culture, how to do it, what models and tools to use during and after the transformation - read the answers in ActioGlobal´s Agile Hybrid Work Framework.
3 October 2021

Cracking the exponential code:
5 Keys.

Dare to think exponential. Dare to use exponential technology. Dare to achieve exponential success. Dare to build autonomous teams. Shape the future - together.
20 January 2021

OKR – The Key to Agile Strategic Synchronization

First things first: This article is about strategy. The choices we make are the very core of strategy; therefore we will start with challenging ourselves to […]
7 October 2020

Teamwork. Has your company not understood the lesson yet?

Many years ago a school trainer invented a game called boxing basketball to improve teamwork technique. He put a bucket full of boxing gloves in the […]
20 August 2020

Agile Hybrid Work Framework
2. OKR

KEY – 2 PRIORITIZE THE NEEDED OUTCOMES Here, we turn our attention to Objectives and Key Results, (OKR) a mechanism synchronizing the social/technical behaviors keeping your […]
6 August 2020

Culture Eats Artificial Intelligence for Breakfast

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining importance, and along with its development, there is a democratization of its use in organizations.  For more and more companies, artificial […]
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