Tips on how to give feedback

In this article our experts provide some tips on how to give feedback. Don’t wait any longer to read them. Get in now!

Actually, what is OKR?

OKR que es

Essentially, OKR is a formula for getting an organization to move synchronously towards common objectives. In this article you will find out how to make it happen in a practical way.

Four Key Ingredients for Learning

Actio.Ventures®, the Venture Capital of ActioGlobal®, engages in the development of startups in their pre-seed, seed and early stages.

OKR: The Formula for Agile Organizations

Without clear objectives Agile is good for nothing. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on email Until we implemented Agile to transform organizations around the world, experience had taught us that traditional project and objective management methodologies did not deliver the expected outcomes. In repeated diagnostics conducted in […]

Growing the future requires a growth mindset

Genyus School is an educational project born out of the ActioGlobal ExO Bootcamp program.During the program, their business idea was designed and evolved in record time, disrupting the education sector to inspire and transform society through an exponential growth mindset.

Metaverse at Work

The Metaverse is the real digital transformation of companies´ way of working, since what has been achieved so far, such as the shift to remote work, or the introduction of omnichannel, have only been small steps on the way to that destination.