Growing the future requires a growth mindset

Dreams don't work unless you take action.
Eva Gol
Culture & Intern Talent Lead

If there is one thing we are learning, immersed in today’s uncertainty, it is that nothing lasts forever. Organizations, and the people who drive them, must be open to the unpredictable, prepared for what is to come. This does not only mean having the capacity to adapt, to persist and be resilient in the face of unforeseen developments, but also having a high capacity for innovation and problem-solving. They must be able to reimagine the world in order to make an effective and positive impact on it.

Today, we are witnessing the rise of a new work culture: New Work. In this culture, the new generations have a different perspective both on the world and their work than the one we used to have. They are inspired by the freedom to create and innovate every day and, above all, to be empowered by companies that go beyond themselves and have a Massive Transformation Purpose.

New Work culture does not consider work to be independent of life, let alone a means to earn a living. Purpose, well-being, training and development are essential factors in choosing or continuing to work for a company.

Work provides self-fulfillment and inspires people who, united, work to help others and make a difference in society. A self-organized community that generates a positive impact on the world through its own self-responsibility as well as through its efforts, achieves a greater social welfare.

Genyus School

The school for entrepreneurial children.


Genyus School fosters the entrepreneurial mindset of children between 5 and 18 years old, promoting their personal development through productive fun.

The new generations learn by playing, experimenting and making their dreams come true.

A project of great social impact that improves employability, creates opportunities, business projects and future employment.
Young people want to play a vital role in organizations, the economy and society. They want to reimagine and reshape the world. That is why, in this overall context, the entrepreneurial mindset has become an essential competence for New Work and for life.

Investing in the entrepreneurial mindset of the younger generation so that they can become entrepreneurs, and realize their business ideas, can help us boost the power for a more equal and inclusive society where all people participate effectively in economic development.

Younger generations must have the opportunity to challenge the status quo, deal with uncertainty, form their own opinions, and have confidence in their ability to master situations and challenges. They must learn to be entrepreneurial.  

In 2020, Pedro Carrillo founded GENYUS SCHOOL, a school to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in children and young people from 5 to 18 years old. Together with Tania F. Navarro and their entire team, he set out to make the new generations understand and live life with the motivation to “make a difference” and create a better future for all.  

Genyus School is an educational project born likewise from the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders and thanks to ActioGlobal’s ExO Bootcamp program.

In record time, they have developed their business idea while participating in this program and disrupted the education sector to inspire and change society with a mindset of exponential growth.
Eva Gol
Culture & Intern Talent Lead

How has the Exponential Organizations Bootcamp of ActioGlobal helped you to develop a disruptive value proposition?

Pedro Carrillo Herrero
CEO Genyus School

The ExO program of ActioGlobal has become part of our lives since Genyus School, the Children and Junior Entrepreneurial School, was born during this program. It was where Tania and I met, built a team and began a very positive professional journey together.

At the organizational level, it helped us to have a much more structured vision of the future, with an “exponential mentality”, and provided the key to acquire the tools, skills and techniques necessary to take action and make the strategic decisions needed to lead Genyus School towards that vision and objectives.

Eva Gol
Culture & Intern Talent Lead

In a start-up like Genyus, where continuous change of generations means continuous changes in students needs, what kind of mindset has helped you develop the ExO program for the future?

Tania F. Navarro
COO Genyus School & Cofounder of Criogene
Genyus School is an organization and a business model with great opportunities to create value, synergies and innovation. Therefore, being able to meet the current needs and anticipate the future needs of our students and the market is key to our business model.

ActioGlobal’s ExO Program has played a fundamental role in our team’s mindset, helping us to foster and drive our exponential mindset instead of a traditional, linear mindset. This “click” was instrumental in growing and taking our organization to another level.
Eva Gol
Culture & Intern Talent Lead

What benefit would you highlight from the disruptive thinking methods you have learned?

Tania F. Navarro
COO Genyus School & Cofounder of Criogene
We came into contact with the program a few months before the pandemic started. It was especially relevant to be able to learn and work on disruptive thinking methods.

Being able to learn, reflect and work with edge initiatives, with core initiatives, design and plan their sprint, and also with a great team of professionals who mentored us, as well as colleagues who accompanied us, is a highly recommendable professional experience.

It was a major benefit in facing the great moment of change in the environment that was to come a few months later. A plus for navigating in constantly changing environments such as the current ones.
Eva Gol
Culture & Intern Talent Lead

During the immersive time you have spent together with other talents learning how to build a leading Exponential Organization, what tools did you acquire in the ActioGlobal program that have been key to shaping and making your business a reality?

Tania F. Navarro
COO Genyus School & Cofounder of Criogene
On the one hand, it helped us to strengthen and improve the tools we were used to working with, such as Lean Startup, our Elevator Pitch, Customer Journey map, etc., and in which we took a big step forward.

On the other hand, it helped us know how to apply other tools of great value and high impact to build an ExO, such as Exponential Assessment, Trend Mapping, or to go beyond the vision of the company and define our Massive Transformation Purpose (MTP). The program was all value, knowledge, practical application and even fun for us. We are looking forward to another opportunity like this.

Genyus School is an organization that imparts to the next generations an unparalleled power for the future: the belief in their own ability to succeed. It pushes new generations to travel a road that has not been traveled before, accepting challenges and striving to achieve their goals.

A project that demonstrates that, even though entrepreneurship requires a lot of courage, it´s the entrepreneurial mindset that is essential, because it makes people and society to always go one step further, to evolve and grow.
Thanks to you Pedro and Tania for your impact on the future.

Growing by a growth mindset.

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