Four Key Ingredients for Learning

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Growing the future requires a growth mindset

Eva Gol Culture & Intern Talent Lead If there is one thing we are learning, immersed in today’s uncertainty, it is that nothing lasts forever. Organizations, and the people who drive them, must be open to the unpredictable, prepared for what is to come. This does not only mean having the capacity to adapt, to […]

Metaverse at Work

Una organización exponencial (ExO) piensa y actúa de forma radicalmente opuesta a las organizaciones tradicionales o lineales, que basan su crecimiento en la explotación de recursos limitados. Las ExO basan su crecimiento en la abundancia de recursos disponibles y no siempre utilizados.

Scare away Mediocrity by Focus, Speed and Impact

For almost two decades, we have learned to create organizations that have become very uncomfortable places for that group of people who have opinions about everything but don’t follow up with actions. We have found the perfect formula to scare off those mediocres:
Focus, Speed and Impact.

More agility rather than…

8 beliefs have been instrumental, up to date, in more than 187 successful business transformations that have maximized the growth and contribution of everyone to shaping agility at scale and delivering high performance outcomes.

A drone exploring the agile organization

Not all agile organizations are alike. This is due to one simple reason: They never take shortcuts. What makes them unique is the fact that the top organizations in the world are the best because they have experimented on their own and have refined their cultures and ways of working over the years.