the goals to achieve:
Focus, Speed and Impact

For almost two decades, we have learned to create organizations that have become very uncomfortable places for that group of people who have opinions about everything but don’t follow up with actions. We have found the perfect formula to scare off those mediocres:
Focus, Speed and Impact.

Four Key Ingredients for Learning

What is needed (other than a beginner’s mind) to keep or kick-start learning? Here’s a clue from a recent article featured in The Power of Learning. Author Markham Heid offers four essential ingredients for learning with which we can reflect on our own readiness to embark on a learning journey:

Growing the future requires a growth mindset

Genyus School is an educational project born out of the ActioGlobal ExO Bootcamp program.During the program, their business idea was designed and evolved in record time, disrupting the education sector to inspire and transform society through an exponential growth mindset.

Metaverse at Work

The Metaverse is the real digital transformation of companies´ way of working, since what has been achieved so far, such as the shift to remote work, or the introduction of omnichannel, have only been small steps on the way to that destination.

More agility rather than…

8 beliefs have been instrumental, up to date, in more than 187 successful business transformations that have maximized the growth and contribution of everyone to shaping agility at scale and delivering high performance outcomes.

A drone exploring the agile organization

Not all agile organizations are alike. This is due to one simple reason: They never take shortcuts. What makes them unique is the fact that the top organizations in the world are the best because they have experimented on their own and have refined their cultures and ways of working over the years.