The Toyota Way – Principle 14

Become a learning organization through relentless reflection (Hansei) and continuous improvement (Kaizen) «We view errors as opportunities for learning. Rather than blaming individuals, the organization takes corrective actions and distributes knowledge about each experience broadly. Learning is a continuous company-wide process as superiors motivate and train subordinates; as predecessors do the same for successors; and […]

The Toyota Way – Principle 13

Make decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options; implement rapidly (Nemawashi) «If you’ve got a project that is supposed to be fully implemented in a year, it seems to me that the typical American company will spend about three months on planning, then they’ll begin to implement. But they’ll encounter all sorts of problems […]

Toyota Way – Principle 12

Go and see for yourself to thoroughly understand the situation (Genchi Genbutsu) «Observe the production floor without preconceptions and with a blank mind. Repeat “why” five times to every matter». Taiichi Ohno, (as quoted in The Toyota Way document) In my talks at Toyota,  all the same whether I asked in the factory, product development, […]

The Toyota Way – Principle 11

Respect your extended network of partners and suppliers by challenging them and helping them improve “We started with Toyota when we opened a Canadian plant with one component and, as performance improved, we were rewarded, so now we have almost the entire cockpit. Relative to all lean companies we deal with, Toyota is the best.” […]

The Toyota Way – Principle 10

Develop exceptional people and teams who follow your company’s philosophy «Respect for people and constant challenging to do better—are these contradictory? Respect for people means respect for the mind and capability. You do not expect them to waste their time. You respect the capability of the people. Americans think teamwork is about you liking me […]

Toyota Way – Principle 9

Grow leaders who thoroughly understand the work, live the philosophy, and teach it to others «Until senior management gets their egos out of the way and goes to the whole team and leads them all together … senior management will continue to miss out on the brain power and extraordinary capabilities of all their employees. […]

The Toyota Way – Principle 8

Use only reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves your people and processes «Society has reached the point where one can push a button and be immediately deluged with technical and managerial information. This is all very convenient, of course, but if one is not careful there is a danger of losing the ability to think. […]

The Toyota Way – Principle 7

Use visual control so no problems are hidden «Mr. Ohno was passionate about TPS. He said you must clean up everything so you can see problems. He would complain if he could not look and see and tell if there is a problem.» Fujio Cho, Toyota Motor Corporation, 1999-2005 At Toyota, visual controls and visual […]

The Toyota Way – Principle 6

Standardized tasks and processes are the foundation for continuous improvement and employee empowerment. «High production efficiency has been maintained by preventing the recurrence of defective products, operational mistakes, and accidents, and by incorporating workers’ ideas. All of this is possible because of the inconspicuous standard work sheet». Taiichi Ohno , Standard work sheets and the […]