The Toyota Way – Principle 8

Use only reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves your people and processes

«Society has reached the point where one can push a button and be immediately deluged with technical and managerial information. This is all very convenient, of course, but if one is not careful there is a danger of losing the ability to think. We must remember that in the end it is the individual human being who must solve the problems».
Eiji Toyoda,
Challenge and Courage, Toyota Motor Corporation, 1983

Over the years, Toyota has been lagging behind its competitors when it comes to acquiring all kinds of new technology. Please mind that I say “acquire”, not “use”. Unfortunately, too much of what is acquired by companies that take the lead in adopting new technologies actually is not used. The Toyota Way is to move slowly, because more than one technology failed the crucial test of serving people, processes and values and was displaced by simpler manual systems. Toyota still follows this policy in the era of digital technology.”

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“Although Toyota does not lead the industry regarding technology acquisition, it is a global reference in how to use value-added technology that supports the appropriate processes and the right people. ”

At Toyota, a new technology is introduced only after it is proven out through direct experimentation with a broad cross-section group involved. 

If the new technology is acceptable, the guiding principle is to design and use it to support continuous flow in the lean production process and to help employees perform best within the Toyota Way standards.

The ActioGlobal team recommends you to read Jeff Liker’s bestseller, The Toyota Way. Following the reading, experimentation on the Gemba will provide the real learning.

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